My Review on Windows OS

My Opinion on Reviewing Version of Windows:

Windows 3.x/95/98
Too old for me. It’s user interface looks bored, and easily crash if you input C:\con\con in Run.

Windows NT/2000/ME
It has improved from it’s predecessor, but it still cause problems while upgrading from an older system. It has changes in it’s directory too, so it will be confusing if you are used to those old systems.

Windows XP
The best OS ever!! Rarely causes unnecessary crashes, and it has low system requirements. I have been using this from 2002 till now  Most people use this because it’s user interface is much more friendly than previous ones, it has accessibility options too for the diasbled. What I don’t like is just the error dialog box and it’s sound (A very dramatic ‘BOOM!’) which scares me often, during silent midnight.

Windows Vista
Very less people used this as it is incompatible with a lot of softwares from WinXP, and it causes crashes too. But I’m impressed with it’s UI, which is Aero View. For me, it’s more suitable for Vista for home use only.

Windows 7
An improved system from Windows Vista. I’m a die-hard fan for Windows 7. Overall I like this OS (Now I’m using Windows 7) It’s just that I need to get used with it’s interface as got used with WinXP.…+WINDOZE+7.png

Windows 8 
The recent OS from Microsoft. When I first looked at it’s interface, IS THIS WINDOWS??!! It makes me to hate this when I looked at it from 1st impression. What the heck is this!!?? A complicated Start Menu with totally useless apps installed with it!? Hey, no one is going to understand what is this anyway. Microsoft said it is meant for Tablets and Touch-screen phones, but would you choose this complicated yet ugly-looking Windows 8 or just a simple Android?? Why is Windows trying to abandon the traditional PC-looking style and go with this?? 

In a nutshell, if you want to buy a new computer, I would suggest a PC with Win7 installed, but if you are unlucky to get a Windoze 8, downgrade it to have a better experience using the computer (Windows 7 system requirements is as same as Windows 8)


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