Ib Walkthrough

Ib and her parents are on a way to Guertena’s gallery, and Ib got trapped in the gallery.

I’ll demonstrate the shortest walkthrough (you can just clear the game as fast as you can)

Movement controls (You can read it at the reception desk):
ENTER – talk, check, confirm
Escape/X – check your inventory
Shift Key – Return to title (They will ask you yes or no)

And extra ones:
Z – talk, check , confirm (act as ENTER too)
F4 – Switch to Windowed mode
F12 – Forcibly return to title (your progress will lost if not saved)
Up/Down/Left/Right – Move your character

First, get yourself trapped in the gallery after Ib’s parents go to the reception desk. You can’t start your game    unless you do. Go Upstairs, you will see a purple haired man who wears a blue coat looking at a picture. He is Garry and he is going to be your partner later. Ignore him first. Go down, and go right. You will see a very big mural with roses, colored pathways, and a lady. Check the painting. As Ib is just 9 years old, certainly she won’t understand some of the words. It reads “??? World”.

Then you’ll notice something’s wrong. The lights will blink a while. The sound will goes off. When you go to the left, not even a soul is here!!! The moment you go downstairs, the light’s off!!!!! Okay, means you’re stucked inside the gallery.

Go back through the same route (Go up, pass through the mannequins and a sofa, turn right). You’ll notice there is blue liquid coming out from the mural. Check it.

It spells “C O M E  I B” scattered on the floor. You must read the message “come down below ib i’ll show you someplace secret”.

If you check one of the windows downstairs (beside the counter), red liquid will flow out of the window
If you check the painting “The coughing man” The man will cough once
If you check the window upstairs, a black figure will pass by and knock the window
If you check the painting “Your Dark Figure” you will hear the cat meowing.

Go downstairs, then go right. The walls of the big fish painting is opened! Go in. you have no other choices. Congratulations!! You have come into another world!!!!

After you come down, you’ll notice there is two painting beside the stairs. You can check the left side first if you want, but if want to be fast, just go to the right side first. At right side, you’ll see the wall is full of “C O M E” everywhere, ignore it, go to the right. you’ll see a table with vase holding a red rose is blocking the door, No worries, take the rose, move the table to one side. You just to go to the left side of the table, push Z and right button at the same time. The table will move to the right, and go in.

Inside the room there is A guy, smiling and a key on the floor, go to the key and press Z or enter to pick up the blue key. You’ll notice the facial expression on the guy changes.

Go out of the room, OMG!!! There is word ‘THIEF’ everywhere on the wall. Don’t care about it, go to the right, Notice there is a table with a vase?? Ok dip your rose in to regain HP. OOPS I forgot to explain the ‘role’ of the rose your holding!!

The role of your rose:
– Take good care of it because it spells ‘GAME OVER’ if there are 0 petals left.
– The number beside the rose means chances left. The highest number is 5, means you have 5 chances left to play the game
– Once you are in contact of dangerous things (Mannequins, Moving painting, or anything else), the rose HP will drop by 1, means you have 4 more chances left.

 After healing your rose, go to left side. Notice there is a note book and a pen?? That allows you to save the progress just in case. You’ll see a lot of this useful tool later. REMINDER: Save often. Who knows what happen next??? You won’t want to spell ‘game over’ just like that right??

Since you have the key, you can unlock the door beside it. Once you go in, you’ll meet this green room. You can explore if you want, but to be fast, talk to the ant. The ant is a small dot moving around the four insect paintings. Pay attention. After you found the small little dot, go over it and talk to it. It will say his painting is far away.

Next, go up. Read the message on the wall first, “BEWARE THE EDGES”. This is what I meant ‘The dangerous things’. Note: these creepy black hand will jut out from the wall as soon as passing through them and will take your HP if you’re not careful. To avoid this, walk in the middle of the walls.

Be careful after the paths there is still a black hand jutting out above. Then you’ll see the ant painting. Remove it. You can’t remove the ant painting unless you talk to the ant first.

After you obtain the ant painting, go down. Make you don’t touch those black creepy hands. Then go right until you enter this room. You’ll notice there’s a hole on the floor, you can’t cross it unless you get something to cross it. It’s time to lay down the Ant Painting!!

After entering another door, you’ll see a green key and a mannequin standing beside it. Note: The mannequin will start chasing you ONCE you pick up the key. Another dangerous thing that costs you 1 HP if get in contact.

Don’t worry, once you pick up the key, Ib will move one step away from the mannequin before it starts chasing you. After it starts moving, just run straight and go in the door, and go out from another side. Yay!! You got the green key to unlock the locked door!!
After got in the door, you’ll notice this: Cat-shaped figure and fish-shaped hole in the middle. You’ll stuck if you don’t know what to do.
The aim: get the fish-shaped figure and unlock another route. To do this, first thing is to go right room. You’ll see this:
A Storeroom with mannequins and mannequin heads. Don’t worry, they wont move and harm you. See the five mannequin heads in the middle?? The middle one will give you wooden-fish (tail), but you have to break it first. How to break it?? Walk past the third mannequin head. You’ll notice the head starts moving (it’s eye’s red). Once it starts to move (very slow actually), lure him to the right.

Just walk straight to the right end. The head will tripped over the paper and fell.

Check the blue thing and voila! You got wooden fish (tail)!!!!
Wait! Don’t overjoy!! Thing’s not finished yet!! You still need to get the head part. Notice the vase on top?? You can dip your rose in to regain health if you’re hurt in the process.

After you heal, exit the room, and go to the left side instead. You’ll see this:

Walk past the matchstick man painting, it’ll ask you to play ‘hide and seek’. You need to play it to get wooden fish (head).

The next moment he disappeared! you’ll see every curtain has the switch below it right now. Don’t simply touch it. Some will costs you HP or other horrible effects.

From the picture, at lower part, start from left, the 2nd picture is the matchstick man picture that you want to find.

Press the button. Congratulations, you found it!!!!
Upper part:(start from left)
– 1st button: Shows you hanged Ib (seeing this will unlock the hanged Ib at south-west side of the sketch book)
– 2nd button: Shows you a picture of nude woman (she slaps you for 1 HP)
– 3rd button: Shows you a picture of a moon (the place becomes darkened)

Lower part:
– 1st button: A Music note with the sign ‘OFF’ (the BGM is muted)
– 3rd button: A bloody red palm (a bloody red hand will shows on the screen)
– 4th button: A knife (slices you for 1 HP)

After you successfully opened the button, the picture will says “Found me, you got prize.” So where is the prize?? It’s located on top of those paintings. The wooden fish (head)!! You obtain this item!! It will auto-combine together to form a wooden fish key.

Next, exit this room and insert the wooden fish inside the hole!! The figure will give out a meow sound while opening a route for you.

Go straight. You’ll find yourself inside here. You’ll get stuck again if you don’t know what to do. To be fast, you can just go straight, then turn right. The door will ask for answer . X x X + X = ? . The answer is 166.

After you got into the room, Grab the wooden apple in front of you because you’re going to give the lip to eat and let you through.


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