Myanmar Trip!! Day 1

Yay finally got a chance to go to Myanmar, a country fulled of bald-head men and women……cough!! It’s most respectful monks and nuns~ My first though of it has no difference between Cambodia and Myanmar, hot weather, small houses, and a lot of annoying people asking for food and money (I pity them too, but they are too annoying). Rented a van to go LCCT to take the Airasia flight at 4:35pm, in the damn hot afternoon. Hell sucks, Airasia are always like that, wait long, queue long and, people long (You can see form LCCT, there are non-uniform lines waiting at the gate just to get in to the plane.

Whew, finally got into plane! My seat is 19A, exchanged with my mom, is located near the window. I always think that seat beside the window is the best, but it proved wrong today. There are people sitting beside me, just imagined I was like a sardin in the can!! Okay, got a seat, took a picture of myself:

ME!! (From the picture you can see how ‘wide’ between the seat is)
Approx. 50 mins later, my food finally comes!!! Hooray!! It’s Uncle Chin Chicken Rice
…………………..with only chicken and rice

mini-sized mineral water!!

Sunset view from the plane


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