Drama Review: Family Hunting (家族狩り- romaji: kazokugari)

I suppose that the translation is correct. If it’s wrong feel free to correct me in the comments section below.

This is the first time I wrote a drama review! This review is just from my perspective of view. It has no intention to hurt someone, or violate the Internet rules and regulations.
NOTE: May contain Spoilers!

Promotional Image for the Drama

Family hunting is a Japanese drama series adopted from a well known writer, Tendo Arata (天童 荒太)’s works. This 10-episode, short and sweet drama series started airing from 4th July 2014, featuring famous actors including Matsuyuki Yasuko (松雪泰子), Ito Atsushi (伊藤 淳史), and Endo Kenichi (遠藤 憲一). Graduated AKB48 member, now a model, Shinoda Mariko (篠田 麻里子) is also involved as an actress in this drama.

This story revolved around Japan (of course), where a chain series of family suicide cases happened. From the suicide note left by the child, the police had made a conclusion that the child killed his or her parents because of getting fed up on this “terminally ill family” and wishing to be reborn in a happy family, the child then commit suicide.

However, detective Mamihara Hoki, denied this fact, and based on his personal interpretations, this is not a simple family suicide. Some complications may occur behind the scene.

He turned his attention to Hizaki Yuko, a child psychologist who had consulted all the families who had problems before they committed suicide; and Sudo Shunsuke, an Arts teacher who had witnessed part of the tragedy.

However, someone is plotting the family suicide, and they are “family hunters”……

Characters co-relation chart

Personal opinion starts here………
I start with the cons. Seriously, it is just me, or I don’t understand what are the promotional image trying to convey. It represented the title with a pair of angel wings. Besides that, the cold color schemes just brought goosebumps to me. What brings me there is those famous actors and Shinoda Mariko. Mariko had gain popularity throughout her career as an idol in AKB48, a famous idol group in Japan, so this plays a part on contributing the view counts of this drama. There are trailers, but it is still not as famous as Hanzawa Naoki.

The graphics are GROSS. It is partially bloody, and the graphic animator made the killing like a part of a rotten fruit being sliced off. Violence is the major part of the drama. So this drama is not really suitable for kids and pre-teens.

Now the pros. Being categorized as Mystery drama, every episode lead to a suspension, and unexpected twist took place. This had brought the viewers to the climax. I can’t really explain it here, you can only experience by yourself.

Most importantly, the producer succeed in bringing up the message behind the drama effectively in short episodes. It brought awareness to the modern Japanese societies.

Family is a treasure, no money is able to buy it. Everything happens for a cause. Due to parents who had dedicated their lives to materialism, without realising, they ignore their children. Children during teenage times need love and attention from them. To gain attention, some had became violent, and the inability of parents handle the situation, slowly but surely, caused a tragedy to happen.

When parents committed a grievous error, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be corrected. Indeed it will leave a permanent scar, but everything can be rebuilt. People learns from mistakes, so do the family. It is not a dead end, and die is not a correct way to solve a problem. It is an irresponsible way to escape from the problems.

Protect your family, no matter what.

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