Mano Erina & Song for the DATE

Speaking about Mano Erina, I knew her in a totally different way. Seriously.

Isn’t she the Wind Breaker IRENA from Maplestory? Yesh, just a difference in arrangement of letters hahaha.

Wait her name in Japanese is 真野恵里菜. Means if I remove some of the words:

恵里菜= 野菜 (Yasai)= Vegetables!!

That’s the reason her fans from China keep calling her Vegetables. And that’s why I gave her a nickname called “Tomato”. Tomato is a type of vegetables and her favourite colour is red. Her actual nickname is Manoeri but personally I think that tomato is better haha. Before that I’d called her IRENA (Die-hard Maplestory fan haha) or C.C (the green-hair witch from Code Geass anime) due to her appearance was extremely similar to them (early days).


Yesh, this should be your trademark from now on. 😛

Firstly I knew her through a promotional photo of Real Onigokko, a Japanese horror movie (not really), directed by Sion Sono in 2015.


HEY that’s the lineup of three bowmen classes in Maplestory of real life with the left bring Wind Archer, middle being Wild Hunter and the far right one being Mercedes! XD

Here it is! The main actresses of this movie from left is Mano Erina, Triendl Reina, and Shinoda Mariko. If you take notice, Erina is a CONTRAST of Mariko. It symbolized they were rivals before. (Hello! Project vs AKB48). It’s not actually meant to be like that though since both of them are graduated members and they have minimal relations to it. Or maybe it’s just me.

So yeah, when I saw this, I had NO IDEA AT ALL that Erina was a member of Hello! Project (H!P). I initially thought that “Oh, an actress huh. I don’t know about her, so let’s Google it

Then here are the search results:

…….Ugh, that’s too much of bikini shots. -_-

So my first assumption: She is a gravure model, or maybe a fashion model like Triendl Reina and recently took on an actress role.

My impression of her holds till I coincidentally searched for her in YouTube. Then I saw this:


Song for the……DEAD DATE?!

The first look of the video really impressed me.


The electronic tune hums and she walked on the beach barefooted, while holding a pair of high heels. Then she stood still for a while and dropped the heels.

Suddenly the scene changed, and we can see that she was tied on…..a web?

2016-03-27 (134)_1.jpg

This actually looked like she was kidnapped. Who did this?

2016-03-27 (135)_1.jpg

Who the heck tied me up in such a way?! LET ME OUT!!!!” With a pissed-off expression, Erina looked to the front…

2016-03-27 (136)_1.jpg

…and the real culprit is there, grinning. Wait isn’t that…..Erina??!! Dual Personality?! And the culprit is dressed in white while the victim is in black.

It actually brought me reminiscence of The Revamp of Wind Breaker before and after the Cygnus Awakening Patch XD


“Be gone, you new Irena! The old Irena is ALWAYS better!”

Using her left hand, the culprit (white devil XD) performed a gesture down her face. Her expression changed from smiling to a serious one, before walking away, satisfied. Provoking huh?

Hey that’s interesting!

It’s actually “Black Mano” and “White Mano”, where White Mano taunts the Black Mano into a game of cat and mice. Black Mano is a mature, adult-like personality of Mano Erina, while White Mano is more childish and idol-like. Erina definitely wanted to grow up and become an adult, but her only obstacle to do so is another contrasting personality.


And Black Mano got out of the bindings easily! I am going to get you and eliminate you so watch out!!

…Wait why do you walk the opposite direction of White Mano?

2016-03-27 (142)_1.jpg

Then she started to eliminate the existence of the old Wind Breaker rip off White Mano’s poster. Since they are taunting and annoying. But it gave trails of White Mano isn’t it?

2016-03-27 (143)_1.jpg

Black Mano: “………………………….@#%$%&

I bet the spamming posters had definitely annoyed Black Mano.

2016-03-27 (144)_1.jpg

Nevertheless I am going to throw away all of it!! (Spamming Fairy Spiral skill)

2016-03-27 (145)_1.jpg

White Mano: “AHAHAHAHA!! Your efforts are all futile! It’s useless to erase me.

2016-03-27 (146)_1.jpg

White Mano did the gesture again. “You are the one who should disappear instead,” said White Mano.

2016-03-27 (147)_1.jpg

DON’T RUN!!(New Wind Breaker started spamming Wind Walk Skill in order to catch up with the old one) 

Black Mano started dashing to chase White Mano.


But looked like Black Mano failed. White Mano made ‘binoculars’ (Eagle Eye Skill) to peep at Black Mano, but her face expression changed when she saw Black Mano ripping more and more of her posters.

2016-03-27 (150)_1.jpg

More and more posters? And soon, Black Mano started to grew sick of this game and she was exhausted too.


Face off with White Mano again! Look at the anguish face of white Mano haha. 

Looks like Black Mano had a clue of her whereabouts.


And they started to fight each other  sing. White Mano did want to grow up and look up to Black Mano but afraid to do so.

2016-03-29 (6)_1.jpg

And finally, white Mano was defeated and she got an off-screen death. 

2016-03-29 (7)_1.jpg

The existence of old wind breaker is finally erased! And black Mano erased her existence by burning all of the posters.

2016-03-29 (8)_1.jpg

…But actually not. Both of the merged together and a new Mano is reborn.

2016-03-29 (11)_1.jpg

I love this! Initially I thought that the scenery was a sunset but actually it’s a sunrise. It symbolizes that dawn has arrived and Mano Erina had surpassed the darkness and reborn! 

So yeah, that’s the end of the MV. It’s beautiful.

And then, my assumption towards her changed again: She is a singer.

I grew an interest in her and googled her AGAIN, without looking at the image search results, since it always gives me gravure shoots of hers. Then I was totally shocked.


Sorry my knowledge on H!P is bad, I thought that H!P only consists of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou and Buono?!

Then I read further: She was the only soloist of H!P when she debuted till she graduated.

Song for the DATE is her 12th Single and shortly after that, she announced her graduation. Well that does make sense isn’t it? She wanted to reborn as a matured person, breaking free of her limitations as an idol. This MV does convey that message.

Personally, after I’ve watched other of her MVs, there’s no one better than this. Other MVs are just …boring with an exception of Otome no Inori and Tasogare Kousaten.

But honestly, when I looked at the sales of her singles I was quite disappointed with that. At an average of 15000 copies, although daily sales had ranks in Oricon. That’s far too low as compared with other soloists in H!P. Even though she has good looks and decent singing voice. I felt bad for her actually, she’s way too underrated. Maybe if she’d joined Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou after her graduation from H!P egg her popularity will increase even more. 

But that’s the past. In the present, she’s a charismatic actress and she had started to gain more attention. I know that’s a bit too late, but anyways, Best wishes in her acting career!

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