4 thoughts on “STPM: Clearing your doubts

  1. There’s some errors you need to mend in your article:

    1. Arts students, just like Science students, can’t simply throw away their previous term out in the air. Maths M, Accounting, BM, Geography and Seni require continuous linkage for all 3 terms. Removing the skills and studies from one term, will affect greatly on the others. You need both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics understanding to answer questions for Malaysian Economics. Though subtle, Sejarah (albeit focus on three different perspectives) will asked students to link their knowledge in previous term (Example: Why did Turkey became more liberalised after WWII? Answers came from Sejarah Term 1).

    2. Business studies is not compulsory for Arts.

    3. STPM is an open exam. The package is restricted and decided by school. If you are applying for overseas, you can drop PA, no problem. You can take science and art at the same time too. As long as it is allowed by your school. If you are a private candidate, then you can freely do this.

    4. The band requirement seems a bit impossible. For Law/Medic, they need to get and graduate with Band 5. There’s hardly any Band 6 for the previous years. A person who got Band 6 will be awarded by MPM and will appear in TV.

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  2. I have a question that I hope you could answer as soon as possible! I took SPM in 2015 and went to a specific private college that sends their student to study medicine in Russia, India or Indonesia. It was what my parents wanted me to become a Doctor and I didn’t really mind because I liked Biology and I thought “I want to go to into research so I’ll just take medicine”. I also have finished my foundation, but my grades weren’t okey-okey only; 3.57 CGPA. After doing a lot of research online I discovered that a better way to go into research (cost-wise and time-wise) was to get an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science. So yeah… I want to study Biomedical Science. But the thing is, currently it is 2018, so it’s been almost 3 years since I sat for my SPM and my SPM results were 5A 3B 1 C’s. My 3 B’s are Chemistry, Physics and Biology. As you can see my results are just okey-okey results. My academic results are usually better than that, but in my form 4 & 5 years I got accepted to a boarding school and from there my results went down because I could not get used to the hostel system. I’ve considered either IPTA or IPTS internationally recognised for their Bachelors in Biomedical Science. But my college foundation cannot be used to get into Biomedical Science in IPTA or IPTS that have Biomedical Science that are internationally recognised. I’ve read in the websites that I could use STPM results to apply to these IPTS and IPTA. And for these IPTS I could get a scholarship if my STPM results are excellent if I can’t get IPTA. I could also take A-Levels, IB or any of those international exams but I don’t have the money for those. But it has been 3 years since my SPM year so I don’t know if/how I can apply…



    1. Hi, to summarize your question, which is Can you study STPM using your SPM results 3 years ago?

      Before I answer your question, here’s the minimum entry requirements for studying STPM (in BM) in secondary schools:

      The minimum requirements are having 5 passes in SPM, including Science subjects and BM, and less than 20 years old in the year 2018.

      So, it’s possible to apply for STPM using your SPM results 3 years ago. But since you have already finished your foundation studies in a private college, I supposed you have already exceeded 20 years old by the time you applied. So sad to say, you are no longer eligible to take STPM as a school candidate.

      HOWEVER, look at this link:

      From the website, you are eligible to register as a PRIVATE CANDIDATE. That means, you have to self-study for the three semesters (or source for outside help like tuitions) and there is no coursework to help you improve your grade (A separate practical paper will be given to private candidate instead).

      To summarize my answer, you can apply to take STPM using your SPM results, but as a private candidate only due to not meeting the age requirements.

      And realistically speaking, if I were you, I would continue my studies in Biomedical Sciences/Medicine using foundation results in Russia/India/Indonesia, and not wasting my time retaking pre-U courses. Ofc it’s just my two cents and it’s up to you to decide your future.

      All the best!


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