2 thoughts on “STPM: Clearing your doubts

  1. There’s some errors you need to mend in your article:

    1. Arts students, just like Science students, can’t simply throw away their previous term out in the air. Maths M, Accounting, BM, Geography and Seni require continuous linkage for all 3 terms. Removing the skills and studies from one term, will affect greatly on the others. You need both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics understanding to answer questions for Malaysian Economics. Though subtle, Sejarah (albeit focus on three different perspectives) will asked students to link their knowledge in previous term (Example: Why did Turkey became more liberalised after WWII? Answers came from Sejarah Term 1).

    2. Business studies is not compulsory for Arts.

    3. STPM is an open exam. The package is restricted and decided by school. If you are applying for overseas, you can drop PA, no problem. You can take science and art at the same time too. As long as it is allowed by your school. If you are a private candidate, then you can freely do this.

    4. The band requirement seems a bit impossible. For Law/Medic, they need to get and graduate with Band 5. There’s hardly any Band 6 for the previous years. A person who got Band 6 will be awarded by MPM and will appear in TV.

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