8th April 2016: Tomato is making me ROFLMAO!

8th April. Actually I started off this day badly.

My dad used F*** bomb on me several times when I refused to wake up early to follow him practicising Tai Chi. He got furious and dashed off to the field since the others had already started. Then he ignored me all the time until I go to work.

My mood is quite bad till I saw this on Twitter:


That’s Mariko right……? Well since she always surprises her fans with different hairstyles.

(Turn away and scroll down further, then suddenly halt)


(Eyeballs popped out for a while, then hugging my stomach, rolling on the floor laughing my a** off)

I mistook her as Mariko! OMFG what’s with this getup Tomato? Initially I thought that she is taking on a boy’s role in a musical or something but judging from her 60-70’s typical vintage hairstyle plus her over-exaggerating false eyelashes, I doubted on my statement that I’d made earlier.

Her hairstyle really freaks me out. I thought she had long hair why she cut it short and perm it?

What has gotten into you Tomato-san?

Anyways, Takamina (AKB48) is going to have her final performance today at AKB48 Theater Japan! Well I can’t make it for the live performance this time because I am working. Best wishes for Takamina!


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