Drama Review #2: The Virgin Psychics


Haha here’s my second review on a drama! Even though it’s Japanese drama again…… XD.

Note: This is my PERSONAL OPINION.

I’d heard that Director Sion Sono is a GENIUS in producing films which amazes every audience.

That’s why I took an interest in one of his directed drama- The Virgin Psychics, as known as Minna! Esper Dayo (みんな!エスパーだよ!). This is actually adapted from Manga Minna! Esper Dayo, featuring at Young Jump Magazine (Yeah so you know that the contents are….more suitable for matured audiences, since it is classifed as ‘seinen manga’). Original illustrator is Wakasugi Kiminori (若杉公徳)


Here’s the promotional poster of the drama. From it, it is known that it will be broadcasted during midnight at TV Tokyo. As far as I know, only those drama which involves mature content will be brocasted during late hours in Japan, because the kids/teens are already asleep at this point. SO yeah, you got the point.

Anyways starting from left: Mano Erina (Tomatooooooo) as Asami Sae, Sometani Shota as Kamogawa Youshirou, and Kaho as Hirano Miyuki.


In Notsu, Oita Prefecture, there are many people with supernatural powers. High school student Kamogawa Youshirou (鴨川嘉郎) is one of them and can read other people’s minds. Youshirou uses his powers for the sake of ‘saving the world’, but actually he is aiming to gain his love interest, Asami Sae’s (浅見紗英) attention. Soon, Professor Asami Takahiro (浅見隆広) started to gather all espers in Notsu, including Youshirou and his childhood friend, Hirano Miyuki (平野美由紀). Then Youshirou realised that he was not the only person who was granted with supernatural powers. There are more people with other abilities such as Telekinesis, Teleporting, Prediction and so on. Professor had assigned the espers a new mission: To protect Notsu from any calamities. Their new challenge begins when they discovered the existence of enemy espers……

So again, I will start with the cons.

Seriously, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS MOVIE TRYING TO CONVEY ABOUT? Throughout 12 episodes, I don’t see a damn clue about the message of this movie. I don’t see a f**king relation between sex and espers. Like you have to be ero-minded in order to gain supernatural powers, and your ability is only limited to ero things…..ugh. This drama is utterly shit. Its story arrangement is also quite bad, and each story ends abruptly. Besides that, the idea of this drama is vague.

And again, this drama is not suitable for kids and teens AT ALL. Worse than Kazokugari, I would say. Full of sex and mature contents, even though it hasn’t cross the borders yet. At the beginning they will start talking about sex terms and AVs. Is Japanese society so dirty-minded as in the drama?

There are pros too. However, the only ‘pro’ in this drama is its actor/actress. At least director has the capability to choose them. Especially girls. -_- Those who have beautiful looks and nice body shape will get chosen to act in this series. So yeah, you got my meaning: This drama is targeted for adult male audiences, to satisfy their viewing pleasures.

At least the main characters are featuring famous actors/actresses like Sometani Shota (Main character for Parasyte the Drama Series), Mano Erina (Tomato had experiences in acting too) and Kaho (same with Tomato). Their looks are absolute better than the ones in manga LOL.

Seriously, please do not watch this unless you are mature enough or by 18+ years old. And if you just want to satisfy your sexual pleasure instead of focusing in storyline, then this drama is for you.

Okay below are some of the photos:


Kamogawa Youshirou’s love interest, Asami Sae (TOMATO-SAN DESU :D)


Flying-kick technique demonstration by Hirano Miyuki! Oh yeah, I saw it, I saw it!! Your underwear is white in colour! XD


Sadistic+Devilish Asami Sae is enjoying the scene of Kamogawa Youshirou being tormented with a cynical smile.


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