12th April 2016: Farewell, Wada Kouji

I believe this had brought reminiscences to you during childhood days right?


This anime is a classic. I watched this anime when I was 5 years old. Digimon series is among the first anime series that I watched and it had brought me into the world of fantasy. Undoubtedly, this anime had brought colours during my childhood days. Till now, I still love Digimon. I was amazed by the Digimon World and how the kids explored the world with the Digimons. However, the best part of this anime is its energetic+upbeat theme song.

Then I supposed that you all know this person. He is the one who sang all the Digimon Theme Songs, from the most famous Butterfly to the recent Seven ~tri version~. Yes, Wada Kouji (和田 光司), also nicknamed as Immortal Butterfly Anisong Singer, was the soul of the Digimon Anime Series. Although the song “Butterfly” is his most famous piece, but my favourite song of his is “The Biggest Dreamer”, the opening theme for Digimon Tamers 03.

But I am here to announce the bad news. I bet the diehard fans of Digimon Series had known about this, but I just got this news today and I was heartbroken. Wada Kouji had passed away on 3rd April 2016, due to complications related to pharyngeal cancer. A farewell event will be organized by his agency in this late April.

Wada Kouji was born on 29th January 1974, means he only lived 42 years of his life. It was really unexpected, just like Teresa Teng. I felt like there’s something missing in my heart when I heard this news. But death is imminent for every human beings. Life is impermanent. His death brought us to remember to cherish our lives.

Maybe can imagine that he had departed to the Digimon world and his soul will be resting there forever. Let’s give a final tribute to the soul of Digimon Anime Series. Thank you, and farewell, Wada Kouji. You definitely lived the best of your life.



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