14th April 2016: All’s well that ends well

Today I woke up at 7.00am.

Till now, I still got a feeling that ‘is this a dream?’

Yesterday my teacher, Mr Wee told me that I scored 4 flat in exam and asking me to go to Education Ministry Building to receive the award.

After preparing myself, I headed to Education Ministry Melaka at Ayer Keroh. My dad was prepared for this as well and he looked handsome with his shirt!

I met one of my friend from SMJK Yok Bin, Karen Tay outside the building. She scored 4 flat too! Congrats to her!

Initially I thought that there would be 20+ students attending but I was quite shocked when Mr Wee said that there is only 8 students scored after repeat paper. I met another two more friends from my school, Mayki and Wen Pei.

Then I remembered I posted this before at Facebook:

Mission accomplished! For three of us!😂

The ceremony started at 8.45am and all of us got a certificate and a glass plague.

I ended up smiling and confused because there’s too much cameras and I don’t know which one to look at.


4 flat all stars!

Three heroines of SMK Tinggi Melaka.
From left: Mr Wee, beloved physics teacher, Wen Pei, Mayki, me, and Mr Azmi, assistant headmaster for Form Six.


Celebrating victory with my dad! 😇😁

If I’ve learnt something from this event, that is “Rainbow comes after hurricane”. Maybe the setbacks before this had made me down, but if there is one more chance, just don’t give up and eventually success is in your hands.

My journey of STPM finally ends here.
I would like to express my gratitude to my parents, teachers and friends who had guided me and accompanied me throughout ups and downs of this tough journey.


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