15th April 2016: Public Holiday!



Yesterday my Facebook was flooded with comments XD

Today is the commemorative day for Malacca for being conferred the status of ‘Historical City’. Well Malacca did deserved that because there’s a lot of historical buildings and the diverse cultures in Malacca.


This is A Famosa, used the fortress of the Portuguese Army at Melaka. A Famosa had been the landmark of Malacca since then.

Most importantly, we Malaccans got Public Holiday! Woohoo! A day OFF!! I was really happy because Malaccans got the least public holidays as compared with other states.

I got a break from working today. Finally got some time to relax. I played The World Ends with You-TWEWY in short (Subarashiki kono Sekai in Japanese), a Nintendo DS game using an emulator. I controlled Sakuraba Neku, the hero of this game in fighting. While playing I listened to Next My Self, Tomato-san’s last single as a soloist in H!P.


Then I searched Google. The Single had 4 editions, as expected, since Hachama Records love producing various editions of a certain single. And thinking back, Sakuraba Neku partnered with three persons throughout the Reapers’ Game.


Means if I include Neku, there would be 4 persons. 4 editions of a single+4 characters in the game……

Suddenly an inspiration came into my mind and I decided to turn that into action. It’s decided. I pulled a prank (and spinoffs XD) of Tomato-san’s cover of the single. Linking with the characters of TWEWY, I drew them with the same poses as hers featuring in each covers using graphics tablet and Paint Tool Sai. Because it’s a doodle, basically I just took two hours to finish.

Well you know… if you’ve played this game before, then it make some senses when the characters did the same pose. It reflected their characteristics too.

Limited Edition A (Kiryu Yoshiya @ Joshua)

Limited Edition B (Misaki Shiki @ Shiki)

Limited Edition C (Daisukenojo Bito @ Beat)

Regular Edition (Sakuraba Neku @ Neku)

I’m too lazy to copy the texts from the original cover XD


Me: GOMENASAI!!!! (hurried away as fast as I can)

TWEWY is an exciting game because unlike typical RPGs, you can combine different motions like swiping, touching, scratching and so on to summon different skills to kill enemies. Recently Square Enix, the producer of TWEWY had published a mobile-friendly version of the game and too bad, it costs around RM60!  I would recommend you to try this game using emulators instead. Playing in android/ios phones would be more exciting as compared to PC because the controls are similar to DS.



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