Kumamoto Earthquake

On the day where I got my results, something bad happened in Japan.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 had occured at Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. The earthquake had caused 800+ injuries, 50 severely, 9 casualties and the number of deaths are still increasing. According to US Geological Survey, they will expect more aftershocks after the quake.

Currently the other surviving victims are evacuated. 3,000 members of Japan’s Self Defense Force, police and fire service are mobilized to join the rescue of the victims.


Kumamoto Castle, the popular tourism spot after the disaster. Even the strongest historical building became a wreckage. It was devastating.

I was heartbroken when I heard this news. That can’t be……

Unexpected events always happen without our notice. This event had triggered my mind to always treasure my own family and relatives and not taking everything for granted. I am also grateful that Malaysia was protected from frequent earthquakes.

Let’s cross our fingers and pray for the victims of the earthquake.


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