18th April 2016: Out of Sync

Today things doesn’t go smoothly as I think.

A lot of works were still left undone in the office.

I got reprimanded by my supervisor because I didn’t unpack the brochures from the school education fair. But I was told by my colleague not to unpack them instead last Thursday because they are still needed for another school fair….

Another colleague wasn’t satisfied with my way of arranging the storeroom so I gonna rearrange them again….. (._.)

There were more brochures delivered to the office and was needed for the upcoming event. Gonna paste the sticker again……

After lunch break, my supervisor wasn’t satisfied with my design of the PowerPoint presentation and think that they are ‘childish’ and does not fit with the professional image of the student services. She asked me to redo the presentation slides and she needs it as soon as possible.

Works came one after another and I was confused whether to take on which one first.

Maybe I can ask the intern for assistance but she seems to be busy too.

Everything was out of sync today and I hope that tomorrow will be better.

By the way, I got my hair cut and got my driving license renewed yesterday! I am no longer the probation driver, but this means that I must bear more responsibility on road safety 😀



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