19th April 2016: Mistaken!!

Today I stared at the laptop screen a whole day and decided to take a tea break. I just randomly picked a mug and boiled a cup of hot tea.


My favourite Earl Grey Tea! Tea leaves originated from United Kingdom! Love it ❤

Sitting back on the chair, I took a sip of the tea. The fragance aroma plus mild tea flavor had really made my day.

However, I was instantly pulled back from paradise to hell by a cold voice:

“……That’s my mug.”


OMFG I mistook her mug! Shocked and embarassed, I apologised to my colleague several times.

“Well since you already used it then it’s fine.” Because she knew that it’s already too late to stop me from using it……

I had already shared her mug, if she is very particular about cleanliness, then I bet the mug will be kept for a very very long time. Sorry Minion, you are isolated because of me…… TT_TT

Since then I was unable to concentrate on my work. My supervisor was still unsatisifed with my presentation slides and she shook her head, implying that I wasn’t efficient and incompetent to design something that satisfies her. Because I took a whole day just ro change the design of the slides. She was extremely disappointed in my work, I can see. I was guilty as well because I told her I can design the powerpoint presentation slides at the first place. In the end, maybe she will ask the intern to redesign the whole thing instead.

If I’ve learnt something today, that will be before taking something, ask for their permission first AND I should keep my mouth shut if I don’t have 100% confidence in my ability.



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