22nd April 2016: Unusual way of celebrating Earth Day

Today is 22nd April, which is the Earth Day.

Google actually created bunch of creative and nice doodles for this theme! Good job, Google! 😀

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We should do our part to save our Mother Earth.

The most efficient way to do this is by reducing the carbon print which is cut the usage of electricity.

Usually I don’t give a damn about this, however, in 2016 I had successfully done my job to reduce carbon print, unintentionally.


WTF?! Initially I thought there was service disruption but actually we had outstanding bills yet to be settled. So TMNet decided to cut our service as a very ‘friendly’ reminder for us to pay up the bills. -_-

Thank goodness I was working when the service was cut so I didn’t feel the pinch. But my mum was quite unlucky because she missed her favourite series on YouTube. We succeed in reducing carbon print today by NOT USING INTERNET THE WHOLE DAY. LOL.

Love Green. Save the Mother Earth.

Speaking of GREEN, Tomato-san had failed to spell the word ‘GREEN’ correctly.


Tomato-san, are you encouraging us to eat more GREEEN vegetables huh?

If you guys don’t understand Japanese I’ll translate it (not so accurate though, my understanding of Japanese Language is quite half-assed) here:

The Grand Hotel Musical is going on as usual today. I am proud and happy as a part of this stage musical. I love this musical so much.

However, there are only 3 more performances for Red Team at Tokyo.

(Note: Grand Hotel Musical Japan is separated into two teams, Red and Green Team. Same story, but different actor/actress.)

For those who hasn’t watch, or watched the Green Team Performance instead, please watch our Red Team Performance as well! 

But actually it can be a typo error. I’ve seen something even more hilarious than this


They can get five, six, seven, nine and ten correct! But teen and teeen makes me ROFL.

Their logic: More 0, more E alphabet? XD



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