28th April 2016: Panic!

Today I have a lot of things to do.
First thing is to go to school and receive certificates for Quality Day. Then go back to my secondary school in the afternoon to watch the Sports Day. Since it was YEARS ago I went back there. I missed a lot of my secondary school days….

….But actually not. Coincidentally I was called for a scholarship interview for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on the same day. ^^lll

So I have no chance to go back to SMK Canossa Convent already. T_T


It’s actually quite rushing on that day, because I attended Quality Day in the morning and need to catch the bus to KL in the noon. Furthermore the anxiety increased because the teacher didn’t allow me to take my certificates earlier and there are filler performances in between prize giving ceremony which had delayed my plan to leave the school at 10.30am.

As soon as I got my prizes and certificates, I rushed back home, changed to interview outfit then went to Melaka Bus Station as soon as possible.

After arriving at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), my mum and I went to take LRT to Bukit Bintang, since the interview will be held at JW Mariott Hotel KL. Along the way we asked some strangers on the way to the hotel.

Thank goodness we found the hotel two hours before the scheduled interview time.

I wrote a separate post for the interview:

My experience on NTU Scholarship Interview

After the interview, as usual, we took LRT back to TBS. However things went wrong when I realised that the train is heading to Miharja Station instead of Bandar Tasik Selatan Station! I thought this train is going straight away to Bandar Tasik Selatan without interchanging stations!

Don’t worry, I thought. Just hop down the train and take another one back to the interchange station. We got out the LRT station, forked out money to buy token again to take train back to Chan Sow Lin station.

Then I did a extremely terrible mistake.

Once I reached Chan Sow Lin station, where interchanging of trains happen here, I hopped into another train without looking at the sign. My mum was hesitant to join in as well, because she worried that this train is going to bring us back to the wrong destination again.

Before my instinct told me that is the wrong train, THE DOOR OF THE TRAIN IS CLOSED.

My mum hadn’t hopped into the train yet. That means, I was separated with my mum.

OHMYF***INGGOSH! My mind went into turmoil. Neither because of the separation, nor getting into the wrong train again. It was because:

I had no money with me.

My wallet was with my mum and the battery of my handphone was dying (around 4%). Furthermore, my mum was not familiar with LRT system at KL (neither do I), what if she took the wrong train and ended up in another place instead? I was panic and I almost let my emotions got control over me.

Calm the f*** down, dude!

I hopped down at the Miharja station and asked the person in charge of the Customer Service. She prompted me to take the train to Maluri station then take another train turning back to Chan Sow Lin station.

With a dead handphone and a token in my hand, I hopped into the train heading to Chan Sow Lin station and crossed my fingers hoping that I wouldn’t take the wrong train again.

Thank goodness I managed to meet with my mum again at Bandar Tasik Selatan station! Even though she was mad with me, but at least we met together!

This incident had indeed taught me a great lesson, which is not to take action bluntly without reading the instructions carefully. I should be more careful on taking on LRT next time, and make sure the train that I am hopping in is the correct one.

It was not a smooth day after all.


5 thoughts on “28th April 2016: Panic!

  1. How was the interview though? Wish u all the best for your scholarships application and hope to see you here at NTU. Can’t wait to see all freshies at the Freshman Orientation Ceremonies.


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