30th April 2016: Niece’s Birthday Party!

My niece’s (Zhi Yin) birthday was on 14th April, as stated in my previous post.

11th April 2016: Lucky Dochy Day?

However her birthday party was delayed to 30th April 2016, due to some unexpected circumstances.

However on the same day, there was an event ongoing at University of Malaya (UM):


It’s the 1st Careers Unlocked 2016 at UM! Since I was unsure of my future career and I really wanted to have a look how UM looks like, I invited some of my friends and organised a trip to UM in order to attend the event.

But it was unexpected that my niece’s birthday party would be postponed to 30th April 2016. And I had already planned and organised a trip to UM before this. Should I give up the trip to UM at the last minute and go to my niece’s birthday party or the other way round instead?

Finally a few days before this, my cousin had decided to invite my friends to my niece’s birthday party as well and have a sleepover there.

Conflict resolved! 😀

I woke up at 5am and rushed to Melaka Bus Station at 6am. I was quite happy since there was a bus going to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at 6.30am. Immediately I called both of my friends to rush to the bus station as soon as possible. Thank goodness we managed to get into the bus on time 😀

And we took LRT to Masjid Jamek then did an interchange to Universiti LRT station, where the UM is located. Unfortunately when we arrived at Universiti LRT station the event had already started and we missed the first part of the programme.

We were quite excited when we saw the shuttle bus went into UM. Yay! We entered into our dream school! Too bad I didn’t snap the photos of UM campus. I was literally shocked on how huge the campus is! It’s bigger than I anticipated.

We gained a lot of knowledge on our future careers. The lecturers had given us an insight on how the job scopes of a certain career. Through workshops by PWC, one of the Big 4 (accounting firm), we gained some techiniques on writing an impressive and outstanding resumes and tips on aceing a job interview.

Maybe the weather didn’t favour on us on that day. When we stepped into the campus it was a bright sunshine, however when the event drew to an end, it started raining cats and dogs. We rushed to a bus stop near the Faculty of Engineering, hoping a bus will pass through here and we are able to go to my niece’s house.

20 minutes had passed and we barely saw a single bus coming over here. The rain hadn’t stopped and we began to worry. Coincidentally at this time, a colleague of my friend’s dad (Benny) offered us a ride to my niece’s house.

We arrived at my niece’s house at approximately 5.30pm. Earlier than my parents LOL. My cousin (niece’s mum) was quite shocked to see us here early. She immediately brought my friends to my niece’s room, telling us that they will be sleeping with my niece.

My niece got familiar with them instantly so my friends was less awkward. We chit-chat for a while, then my niece was called to help out. Wow, she was quite busy even though she was the birthday star today. I took them for a tour of my niece’s house and they were quite fascinated with the design of the house.

My parents had arrived at the Alam Sutera LRT station and they asked my nephew to fetch them here later at 7.00pm. Guess what? My clothes were with them, so I took a late bath before going down for buffet.


Me and my friends! From left: Xiang Min, Jia Xuan, and a nerd -_-


Birthday cake specially prepared for Birthday Star! 😀

ps: My favourite green tea flavour XD

Anyways the birthday party went into climax when we sang Happy Birthday song to her. The party was a crowded one as my relatives, some of cousin’s friends and Zhi Yin’s coursemates were at there too.

After that, while the adults are enjoying the cake, the kids started to play around with the balloons on the table. There was one at my table too, and we decided to take it for a photoshoot. I wanted to experiment with various camera modes of my Asus ZenFone Selfie too.

At first three of us were going to take one balloon each, but another cousin of mine took the other two away for her children. She added, “are you trying to bring back your childhood memories huh?”


One balloon left. That left us no choice huh?

I decided to let Xiang Min to hold the balloon instead, since she is my model of my camera shoots during high school days.

And here is the result:


Photo was taken using Low Light mode. Well, even though the image is blur but it gave me unexpected effects. Jia Xuan even commented it as like travelling through a dimension.

My relatives were also spamming me (and my friends) questions like “how’s your results?” “Where are you going to further your studies?” “Are you sure you want to take on Architecture?”

Some negative statements were bombarded at me too like “Don’t go to Singapore lah, better stay at Malaysia” “It’s better for you to be a teacher” and things so on.

We went back to the room at around 9.30 pm. I think I slept early because I was too exhausted from the whole day travelling.

(Next Day, 1st May 2016)

I didn’t realise that there were ‘unwelcome guests’ at my niece’s party. The security guard on duty sneaked into my niece’s house and smuggled a lot of food without my cousin’s permission. I think I bear partial responsibility of it, as I saw the guard smirking at me when Benny drove us into the residential area. Or maybe it’s just me.

My cousin planned to organise my birthday party at her house too, but my mouthy  fourth aunt stated her objections. Honestly, I knew that I will never organise my own party at my cousin’s house, but can you please shut the **** up?! -_-


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