Studying in Japan- Is it unrealistic?

Recently I read an article about benefits studying in Japan. I will list it out here:

Expand your horizon of view. (Yes I totally agree about this. You will learn about their culture, their attitude towards work and the ethics, and it’s better if you can culminate it later on)

Make new friends and increase your network of friends. (More friends, more assistance, a friend in need is a friend indeed)

Enjoy nice scenery in Japan. (Sakura!! Fujiyama!! Okinawa!! XD)

Master more language, more easier for landing a job. (That’s true, if I can master Japanese Language it will be another blade of mine)

Get to know the latest innovation of technology in Japan. (Yeah, Japan is the first in innovation and technology. Imagine there is wifi in modern Japan toilets)

Tons of scholarships to reduce parent’s financial burden. (I don’t really agree with that. As far as I know, besides the scholarships provided by private institutions, only MEXT funds international students for their tertiary studies, and JPA for Malaysians)

Working in Japan, income will be booming. (Far too exaggerating, nowadays to secure a job is not easy dude.

Even going back to Malaysia, you still enjoy a higher income. (……..)

Enjoy a friendly and helpful environment. (But I thought that most of the Japanese are cold towards strangers because they don’t want to cause trouble towards strangers?)

Studying in Japan is always my dream since primary school. Maybe I adore the Japanese Pop music, and the anime, and the food (onigiri is my favorite). But I want to know more about Japan, like its culture, its advancement in technologies as compared to other countries, its attitude towards work and life.

However, my parents and relatives poured a pail of icy cold water on me when I stated out my dream loud and clear. They said something related to the history (world war 2) and how they disliked me from going overseas.

I was quite happy when JPA is giving out scholarships for outstanding students studying in Japan for SPM students. I applied for it, and I was shortlisted for the interview. Yeah it’s a step closer to getting the scholarship right? However, I failed to get it, and my dream shattered.

During form six, I was really crazy in planning my way to getting MEXT scholarship, the another and the only route of getting scholarship to study in Japan. I went to the Facon Education Fair twice just to get more information about EJU (entrance exam for international students for studying in Japan), about MEXT, about some government universities in Japan and their application procedures. It’s quite troublesome because unlike Malaysia, Australia and UK where they have unified application system to universities, Japan universities handle their student intakes respectively and their application deadline varies. Furthermore I need to translate a lot of official documents into English. Ugh.

And recently, my attempt of getting MEXT scholarship failed. I actually got shortlisted for the qualification exam but so so so unfortunately, I got bedridden in the hospital just before the day of the exam. Goddamnit I had prepared just for it! Sigh.

And now, I shall try once again through students exchange programme at NUS or apply for MEXT scholarship again for postgraduate studies.

I will not give up my dream, no matter what.


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