15th May 2016: My Days with IV Drip #1

In my previous post I stated that I had to spent a few days in hospital.

Actually it was DECADES ago when I was hospitalized. And that time it was because of diarrhoea which I think it was not a big deal.

Then in 2013, I went to the hospital AGAIN. But that time, I went there as a visitor. I visited my dad who got hospitalized because of internal bleeding in stomach. Thank goodness he recovered!

The last time I went to the hospital was last year (2015). I got stomach pain for more than three days which was diagnosed later as food poisoning + gastric problem. As a result, I was given an injection and…… IV drip. -_-


Three-layered milk tea which was suspected as a cause of my food poisoning. Thanks to it, I had discovered my gastric problems early.

But in 2016, I was hospitalized because I was suspected of getting dengue fever and my abnormal heart rate. O.O

And because of this, I missed my chance of studying in Japan and UTM Architecture interview. Probably I’m gonna miss another interview for studying in Singapore (NUS) too.

Why, the god of fate is playing such a joke with me!? Why now?!

But it’s useless lamenting the God though. It’s my fault at not taking care of my own health.


And yeah. I spent my whole day… with this. IV DRIP.

According to my mum, till today, I had already took 6 bottles of it (500ml each), where 4 bottles was used during emergency period. OMG!? So IV Drip is my savior after all? LOL.

A few blood tests was taken, and thank goodness, my blood was free of dengue virus.

And yeah, my right hand was considered “handicapped” because I can barely move my right hand with the IV drip needle inserted. Any slight movements, pain signals from the needle would straight away be transmitted through the nervous system. Everything was done with my only left hand. Fortunately I am left-handed.

When I thought that I can be discharged today, something terrible happened when I went to the bathroom to take a bath (My mum accompanied with me as well). Watery rashes was on my whole body! My mum’s facial expression was horrifying too.

Then I was diagnosed with chicken pox and was sent to a quarantine ward.

Surprisingly, one of my friends came and visit me! 😀 Thanks for your concern towards me and the flowers! The flowers are adorning and beautiful. I didn’t expect any visitors except my parents though XD

Well that’s all for today, haha. I hope that I can discharge from the hospital soon and get rid of that IV drip.







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