21st May 2016: Wesak Day

Namo Tassa, Bhagavato, Arahato, Samma Sambuddhassa.

(Translation: Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One.)

When I was 10, my mum sent me to attend Dhamma Classes in a temple. There is a custom to be followed. Before the class, everyone is required to be at the shrine, where chanting books are distributed and we are required to chant from the text printed in the book.

The first sentence that I chanted was the one bolded above.

And that was the time I devote myself into Buddhism. I wanted to find out the meaning behind every single word that we chanted before the class. Then from the classes that I had attended, I knew there are Five Precepts where every Buddhists are obliged to follow (No killing, stealing, sexual misconducts, cheating, and taking drugs or alcoholic drinks), the life of a Buddha, Mangala Sutta and so on.

Buddha was born, reached enlightenment and attained Nibbana on the same day, which is on the full moon day of May. That day is also known as “Wesak Day”.

Happy Wesak Day everyone!!

Throwbacks of photos taken at Myanmar on 2012. People of Myanmar cherish Buddhism pretty much and the monks are highly respected there.

Personally I think that Buddhism is already beyond a religion. Buddhism is something which educates people to do the right things in a right way. I believe in the concept of Karma, where what you sow is what you reap. It cultivates our spirit too through practices like meditation so that we can seek solemnity and serenity in our busy lives.

It’s pretty obvious that I am not discriminating other religions here. I am a loyal Buddhist but that doesn’t mean I am an extremist. I respect other religions like Christianity and Islam as well. Some of their teachings are quite useful too. In my opinion, every person has different beliefs and we should respect them.

I share a short story of Buddhism here:

A Bowl of Rice, a Flash of Thought

From Meditation and Health Issue No. 14

Two young men were very upset over all the obstacles they had encountered in their career. Together, they went to seek advice from a meditation master.

They posed their questions to him. After a long while, he answered with only one seemingly simple statement, “It’s just a bowl of rice.”

The two young men then went back to their offices respectively. One resigned and went home to plant his fields. The other one continued working in the office. 10 years passed. The young man who planted the fields become a very successful agricultural professional who used modern technology and high efficiency production. And the other one was promoted to manager because of his hard work and consistent good performance.

One day, the two men met again. The agricultural professional said, “I understood the master’s words immediately. ‘It’s just a bowl of rice’, so why attached to a single place? There are always other methods to achieve success. Why didn’t you resign after that?” The manager smiled and said, “Well, I thought that ‘just a bowl of rice means to be more patient, more understanding, and obstacles will soon pass.”

They decided to pay a second visit to the master. The master regarded them solemnly for a while, before giving them more profound advice: “It’s just a flash of thought.”

Lesson learnt: Life can be determined in a flash of thought. A flash of insight can transform everything. Once you have made up your mind to pursue a goal, just do it with all your heart. Action based on a moment of true insight contributes to a wonderful and successful life.



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