25th May 2016: UM Architecture Interview

Shortly after USM Architecture interview, I received email from University of Malaya (UM). Architecture interview AGAIN at 24th May. At that time I still haven’t recovered from chicken pox, and I had personally emailed them about my health conditions. But in the end, I still have to go, because the office of admissions had helped me to postpone the interview to 25th May (just a day later). Ugh.P_20160525_111431

Here’s one of the entrance of UM. The Faculty of Building Environment in UM is so nice! I would say it is way more better than USM.

We arrived at UM at 7.20am while the interview starts at 8.30pm. As usual, the interview starts off with a drawing test. The title is ‘Draw your house kitchen’. LOL?! I thought it had been asked in the previous year of the interview. (And it’s Architecture instead of Interior Design interview right….) Suddenly a photo of an ideal kitchen from a property magazine popped into my mind and I just sketched it into the drawing paper given to me. The time allocated was just 30 minutes so I saw some candidates are unable to finish within the short time.

Meanwhile, I talked to a few candidates and got to know each other. On that day, I was the only person with STPM qualification, while the others are from Matriks and Foundation. But it’s not too weird because today they are supposed to interview those who put Architecture as their second choice.  I asked some of them personally, they put Architecture as their second choice just as a filler, as what they interested in is already their first choice. (In the application to UM, the first two choices are meant for interview courses)

There were around 40+ candidates attended the interview. We were separated into 4 groups, then we were being interviewed one-by-one according to the group. The staffs were quite nice actually, because they broadcast a video of UM for us to got to know more about UM. I was the last of the group, so I had a little chit-chatter with the others in my group to release my tension. I crossed my fingers to hope that the interview will go smoothly, and I won’t make any silly mistakes just like USM interview.

Finally it’s my turn. I went into the room, greeted the interviewers, and the interview started.

There were two Malays, one male and female respectively, and they are the lecturers of the faculty in UM. They asked a few questions and this is how I reacted to them:

Good morning! How are you today?

I am fine, on my way to recover from illness. Thank you.

OH! So you are the one who can’t attend the interview yesterday because of chicken pox! You are STPM graduate, great… have you attended any interviews other than this?

Yes. I attended Architecture interview at USM two weeks ago.

What’s your opinion towards the interview?

(Ugh why makes me remember the humiliating moment) It’s quite challenging. They asked questions out of scope of Architecture, such as recent issues happening around the world.

Okay, then tell me why you want to study Architecture in UM?

(Then I elaborate on my interest in drawing buildings, designing buildings, etc. I didn’t remember much what I was saying)

What’s your favourite building?

Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium at Beijing by Architect Pierre de Meuron.

Who’s your favourite Architect?

Ar. Ken Yeang from Malaysia and Ar. Pierre de Meuron from Switzerland.

Okay then. Do you know that the life of an Architecture student is very tough? Sleeping would be luxury plus you need to fork out a lot of money for buying equipments?

Yes, I totally aware about that.

Furthermore, do you know that we made offer to students who got good results to study Architecture in UM, but in the end he/she rejected it and the places were just wasted like that.

If I have the chance to study Architecture in UM, I would definitely go for it. 

(Personally I thought so because at that time, I haven’t went for scholarship interview at NUS, and whether I will study at Singapore at that moment is still unknown because of the financial constraint.)

And the interview finally ended! Not really at my best though, but at least it’s less humiliating as compared to USM.


Between virtual and reality idol, which one would you choose? (Definitely Miku BWAHAHA)

After that I went to Kinokuniya KLCC! I saw a few albums that I craved for it so much (Like the ones shown above), but they are far too expensive 😥

So that’s it!!

(Update 11/10: I got the offer, but currently I’m studying in NUS, hence I rejected it.)


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