1st June 2016: Unexpected – Best News received ever

Today I went back to work, even though my illness still haven’t fully recovered.

Thank goodness the staffs were not treating me like an alien because of my absence from work for continuously 2 weeks haha.

When I was having lunch with my colleagues at a newly-opened restaurant, one of my friends whatsapped me about the scholarship interview outcome.

Then I proceed to check my e-mail. Then I saw 2 emails from NUS Scholarship. So fast? The interview was just done yesterday!

Is this an email of rejection?

Out of the blue, I was offered the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship! 😀

Maybe it’s the blessing from Lord Buddha. Seriously, I don’t think I did well in the interviews but somehow I made it. I was at the top of the world for seconds when I saw the message below.


Basically I don’t have to worry about studying in Singapore for now. But I still have to discuss with my parents a bit further.

You can refer to this post on how the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship looks like (And how bad I screwed it up actually)

Here 😉


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