7th June 2016: Head-scratching!

Yesterday was a public holiday to celebrate the first day of Puasa for Muslims. The traffic congestion near Jalan Hang Tuah worsened with the Bazaar Ramadhan at night. But happy bulan Ramadhan for all the Muslim fellows!

(Puasa is a religious activity where the Muslims have to refrain from eating and drinking for a certain period of time, where Bazaar Ramadhan is a type of night market selling Muslim stuffs)

I was monitored by my dad at an average of 4 times per hour on what I was doing with my laptop. He would be angered and irritate me with comments like “Why are you still watching anime? These are the STUPIDEST creations ever for kids only”, “Why are you playing games? There’s no more hope for you lah. You are not suitable to study overseas actually.”, “Why on FB/Wordpress/*other social sites*? Do you know that you have to prepare for QET? Why don’t you do other things other than playing computer?”

UGH. I felt like I was a prisoner under surveillance.

I need to prepare starting from now, till 11th July, where I will step into NUS for the first time as a freshmen. But honestly, I don’t have any clear clues except for the official website and an e-book Freshmen Guide. T_T

My senior told me not to worry too much and just follow the flow of time naturally. But I was anxious because this is the first time I have to settle everything by myself. It’s exactly like a person under the protection of shade is coming out to experience rain and storm soon.

Just hope that I can settle down everything soon.


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