Old STPM Books for Sale LELONG!!! #1

I am pursuing undergraduate studies soon so I need to clear these books.

For STPM Science Stream students only. I am so sorry that I didn’t have books for Arts Stream.

Even though some are old syllabus books, but their information were quite useful in answering the exam questions too!!

Sales are available till 30th June 2016.


1.Price are negotiable. Selling one set of books means one set of books, you can’t request a single one from the sets.

2.The price quoted doesn’t include postage fees and it may vary according to locations. If you are staying in Melaka then I can straight away pass you the books that you requested. Otherwise please bank-in as prompted.

Part 1: Mathematics (T)

I will start off with the new syllabus books first.


Ace Ahead Mathematics (T) Second Term: Calculus


Condition: Good, cover is wrapped, little pencil/pen marks and highlights


Score in STPM Maths T Paper 2 model papers


Condition: Very good


Ace Ahead Mathematics T Third Term: Statistics


Condition: Good, cover is wrapped, with few highlighter marks and pen/pencil marks


Score in STPM Maths T Paper 3 Model papers


Condition: Very good


Skor A Kertas Aktual Maths T Paper 3


Condition: Very good

ps: Personally I would recommend this because it includes real past year papers from 2013-2014.


*OLD SYLLABUS* Success in STPM Mathematics T


Condition: Good, with few highlighters and pencil marks.

Even though there are some differences between old and new syllabus, 60% of the knowledge is still considered useful in exams. Paper 1 and 2 is equivalent to Paper 1, 2 and 3 for the new syllabus. Questions are quite challenging so it’s a worth buy.


*OLD SYLLABUS* STPM Mathematics T Paper 1, Paper 2

Price: 1 set RM 10 (two books)

Condition: Paper 1 is photostated and it contains scribbles, Paper 2 is in good condition.

These books provide sample questions and answers for a particular topic.


*OLD SYLLABUS* Federal STPM Study Guide Mathematics T


Condition: Good, less pencil scribbles

ps: A must-buy for STPM student who are taking Maths T. It provides complete guide on scoring STPM questions and complete challenging questions that will definitely prepares you to score in STPM!



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