Old STPM Books for Sale LELONG!!! #3

I am pursuing undergraduate studies soon so I need to clear these books.

For STPM Science Stream students only. I am so sorry that I didn’t have books for Arts Stream.

Even though some are old syllabus books, but their information were quite useful in answering the exam questions too!!

Sales are available till 30th June 2016.


1.Price are negotiable. Selling one set of books means one set of books, you can’t request a single one from the sets.

2.The price quoted doesn’t include postage fees and it may vary according to locations. If you are staying in Melaka then I can straight away pass you the books that you requested. Otherwise please bank-in as prompted.

Part 3: Pengajian Am (PA)

Lembaran Praktis PA Penggal 1 dan 2

Price: 1 set for RM10 (2 books)

Condition: Cover wrapped, A lots of highlights and some scribbles


Pelangi Teks STPM Pengajian AM Penggal 2


Condition: Very good

Spot-On Contoh Karangan Pengajian Am+ Modul Karangan Pengajian Am Johor 2014

Price:RM 20 (1 set 2 books)

Condition: Spot-on have some highlight pen scribbles, Modul Karangan is in very good condition.

ps: Best buy. It prepares for your essay-writing as it is a pain in the neck for most of the students.




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