2nd July 2016: GG.com

After I watched the NUS RAG dancing video, the only word that was in my mind is “GG.com”

Why? Because I made the wrong decision (I think so hahaha).

I am interested in RAG, even a senior from Chemical Engineering encouraged me to participate in it, but as a worker behind-stage (costumes section).

Then coincidentally I discovered RAG from my Hall (it’s Raffles Hall) that I will be residing in! Out of my curiosity (and wanted to give myself a challenge XD), I applied for it and put ‘dance’ as my first choice of activities to participate in.

And so so so unexpectedly, I was assigned into the dance section! The practice session has already started, in fact, and the upcoming dance practice will be held next week. I am going to miss that because I will only come to Singapore in 10th July and from that day onwards, the number of days available for practice is countable by hands. Without enough practice I wonder whether I can catch up or not……

As the saying goes, “curiosity kills the cat”. I feel like I am digging a grave to bury myself in.

(Voices from behind) I thought you have stopped dancing since primary school? You have no prior dancing experiences , do you?

Don’t you know one of your weaknesses is dancing?

Hey!! SCGOH the nerd is joining dance! Unbelievable! 

Probably she will become the clown hahahaha.


Even if I can catch up with the steps, there’s something that I feared will come to me inevitably.

I mentioned in my previous post saying that makeup is my no.1 enemy. Now if I am part of the performance team, I can’t run away from that isn’t it? (Facepalm)

LOL. Just hope that everything will go smoothly, and I will not be the laughing stock of everyone.


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