10th July 2016: 707 Coach didn’t wait for people

Today I came to Singapore by 707 bus ALONE.

However, I spent a long time at Woodlands immigration counter because of the crowd. 

By the time I went down to the place where the bus was supposed to be, the bus had already left. 

I am not the only person who was left out though. Another passenger who took the same bus also complained that this is the second time that he had this kind of experience. 

Seems like the bad rumors saying that 707 coach will not wait for its passengers is true.

Well, I had expected that kind of things will happen so I took Singapore public transport to my relative’s house instead. Thank goodness I had arrived safely!

So here’s the tips if you are taking 707 bus to Singapore but stuck at Woodlands Immigration:

Don’t panic. Just take Bus no. 950 to Woodlands Interchange station and from there, take MRT to your destination!

Second thing is, there are a lot of uncompleted blogposts in my drafts and I wish that I can clear it soon! I will post my experiences on participating NUS camps as well!


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