11th July 2016: Level 1 Newbie Dancer

1st Day of NUS Malaysian Student League Freshmen Orientation camp.

I arrived early for medical checkup. I joined a huge crowd of people who was waiting outside the University Health Centre, only to be found out later that they are part of MSL too hahaha! 

The checkup went out quite smoothly and I proceeded to do early check-in for Raffles Hall. Thank goodness they did it fast and I am currently staying in Kuok’s Foundation house.

My room. It’s a single room though. Take note of the plaster on my right arm after the blood test XD

After that we did icebreaking session and took a tour to National Stadium to play some games. 

And really thankful to my friends and seniors (Jie Yin, Jer Yong and Leong Sheng) who are willing to help me with my luggage!

I took an early leave from the camp to take part in RH RAG. I am a noob dancer and I really tried my best in catching up the super duper fast dancesteps. It’s kinda frustrating when I see other dancers can do well, why can’t I (even though it’s my first day joining the practice)? I felt like I am a newbie who just ventured into the dancing world LOL. 

The dance practice ended at 11pm with exhaustion. I really wanted to take a nice sleep…….with a catch which is I have no pillow with me currently. UGH.


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