24th July 2016: A lot of events are awaiting…

Finally I have a chance to blog, after taking part in so many camps, one after the other.

The first camp that I had joined is CheSS Camp, organised by Chemical Engineering Students’ Society on 22-25th June 2016. The most fun and exciting camp (but intense and extreme) that I’d participated ever (even though I was the only Malaysian Freshie there). My Orientation Group (OG in short) was a bunch of crazy and wktk fellows who like challenging stuffs and extreme activities! The leaders (OGLs in short) are very caring and they will always find a chance for us to play mini-games to know each other more. And that’s the first time I played Secret Pair Night, SP night for short. I was blindfolded and was brought into a room to speak with two unknown boys, while the seniors were eavesdropping on our conversation and pulled pranks on us.

During the beach activities, despite the day of the month, I went into the water. And that’s what horrible things happened after that and I didn’t realise till the next station game.

I left my spectacles in the water.

Once my OGLs heard about that, they started searching in the sea together immediately. They even asked the other OGLs for help. I was touched at the moment when they were desperately searching for my glasses, even though I was the one responsible for it. Finally they founded it and I vowed not to repeat the same mistake again and a huge thanks to them.


Throwback! Chemical Engineering Freshies + OGLs all stars!

The second one is UFO11 organised by warm-welcoming NUS Malaysian Students League!  I think instead of a camp, it serves as a platform for us to get used to the lifestyles in NUS because the seniors assisted us in the pre-admission stuffs like medical checkup and checking in into hostels etc. The seniors are friendly and willing to give out a helping hand. I met a lot of friends, from the quiet ones, to the super duper high energetic ones too! This camp is at a chillax pace so I kinda like it 😀 Really hope that we can foster a closer bond later on.


Throwback! All the lengluis (except me) at the National Orchid Park!

The third one is RHOC, or Raffles Hall Orientation Camp. It was compulsory for all of the RH residents so basically I can’t avoid it. The pace is kind chillax except for the last day (where we had activities at the beach), because most of the activities were cancelled due to bad weather.

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy much at this camp. OOOPPPPPSSSS. The OGLs are friendly, but I got food poisoning right before the camp so I missed the first day of the camp. (DAMN MILKSHAKE THAT I TOOK FOR SUPPER). I joined on the second day and it was kind awkward because most of them had already knew each other very well. They had supper during midnight till 3am and I couldn’t pull through it so I rested early in my room. Awkwardness+Sickness=Didn’t enjoy much during the camp.


Throwback! Photo taken at Sentosa Beach, RHOC day 4.

And now, more and more events are waiting for me.

Part 2 Registration. Off-shore completion of student’s pass. RAG dance practice. Chemical Engineering Briefing. Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony. CORS bidding practice. NUS RAG and FLAG. BLABLABLA.




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