26th July 2016: White Mice

I am the official student of NUS now!! Yay!! 😀

…Okay let’s bring back to the topic.

Along with RH dancers, I went to Kent Ridge Hall for dance rehearsal along with the other halls. There are a few changes to our blocking

After combined hall RAG dance reharsal and lunch, something interesting happened when I got back to the dance studio.

2 guys and 2 girls were chosen to be the white mice of a makeup experiment. Actually it was a tryout for our dancers’ makeup. And I went into ‘berserk mode’ during dance practice because I couldn’t unsee the makeup being put on their faces! (my position was near to them) It was so unexpected that out choreographers were part of the makeup team as well!


Done!! 2 couples of Kirito-Asuna on the lens!

(OMG it seems legit)

ps: I can’t reveal the makeup yet. It’s bad to be the spoiler right?


My berserk mode continues with a drawing of it hahaha. And again, it’s censored because it’s a secret until the real day HAHAHA.

Please support NUS RAG! It’s an event open to public @UTown on 6th August 2016. Don’t miss this event!

PS: I told the choreographer about my problem and they will think an alternative for me. SO at this moment, I was safe~

Thank goodness that I wasn’t chosen to be the white mouse.


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