28th July 2016: Unexpected twists in my tiny decisions

Everything didn’t go as planned today.

My plan for today is to complete the off-shore registration of student’s pass, then rush to Kent Ridge Hall for dance rehearsal, doing my CORS bidding in the afternoon, then dance practice again at night.

But right after the off-shore registration, I went back to my friend’s room to do CORS bidding together instead and spent our own sweet time chit-chatting till 11am.

My retribution came after that. I was treated like an alien when I came late for the rehearsal. There were some changes in the dance moves as well (which I didn’t know it because I wasn’t there), and I was screwed by the choreographer because of the unsure timing and movesteps.

After that I wanted to go back to my room, but I followed the choreographer and the other friends instead to Bugis for lunch. ._.

On the way back to my room, they started discussing about makeup. I felt like they were stabbing me one by one. LOL.  I am now in a dangerous situation, because the choreographer is going to put on that thing on my face no matter what.

The dance practice at night ended early, I thought I wanted to do some reading at the reading corner, but unexpectedly my dancing friends and choreographer were there so we ended up playing games instead.

(ps: I am writing this blog post while we were playing at the Reading Corner, so I apologise for my bad English)


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