30th July 2016: Newbie Dancer→Worst Dancer (Full Dance Rehearsal Part 1)

I had dance rehearsal at Kent Ridge Hall, as usual.

The only difference for today is the main choreographer is there watching us dancing.

However, I was scrutinised by all of the choreographers and at the end of the dance rehearsal, I was marked as the ‘worst dancer’ because of my steps are not clean enough.

The main choreographer told me secretly that I didn’t channel my energy in my dance  while everyone else did their best. She added that my hands were not straight enough and reminded me that it was pretty obvious because I was standing in the front line.

After I watched the video, finally I realised that my dance level were a big gap from the others. Yes, it was indeed that I improved, from the day where I had zero knowledge on dance moves. But I was dissatisfied of myself because I believe that I can do better, on par with the others. I think I am now on bottleneck stage, where my dance progress was obstructed. I don’t want to be the burden of the others anymore…

Probably since then my mood was swinging till the full dress rehearsal.



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