30th July 2016: The ‘Phantom’ of the Opera (Full Dance Rehearsal Part 2)

We wore our costumes for full dress rehearsal. Some dancers had their makeup on, and I was safe because I am wearing an eye masquerade instead of doing face paint! It was less embarrassing for me too since I was wearing a leotard to cover up my body which is full of chicken pox scars.

In the end not everyone had their makeup put on because of lack of time.

It looked something like this:

The tribes on standby! The theme for our dance performance is related to Stone Age, so the costumes was kinda…obscene.

Da Phantom of the Opera!!!! YAY Makeup free!!

It went smoothly for the rehearsal, in overall. Even though my costume kept dropping out (especially skirt) during performance. I was conscious of my moves that the main choreographer had pointed out to me earlier.

The AIYAH Tribes all stars! We yearn for touching Wisely, the spotlight of the day XD

ps: Those who are not in costumes are our choreographers!



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