31st July 2016: It’s a small world after all

There’s no dance practice for today, so I can take a day off! Yay! 😀

Raffles Hall had a BBQ night at Communal Hall, right after dinner!

Finally I had a chance to meet with those who are staying in the same block, which is Block 7. Block 7 was part of the Kuok Foundation House though. Block 7=chill block=best block haha.

So far the only person that I know who are staying in block 7 are Ming Xuan, Joelle, Calvin, Ruohua, Marcus (RAG dancers), Cheryl-sama (The choreographer aka Vice Block Head), and Jing Han (same OG).

But, what if everyone all over the world are now staying in the same block, studying in Singapore?

Yes it happened to me. It’s a small world after all, where there are no more boundaries between each countries. I met students from Canada, Spain, Japan (Yay), China and Hong Kong!! And it’s fortunate because we are able to know different cultures and ethics from their countries respectively. For example, people from Europe and Canada can’t get used to eating rice and not used to eat with spoon (because they usually eat with fork and knives).

Finally I have a Japanese friend! Her name is Akutsu Megumi, from Saitama. Yay we can share common interests in Japanese Language and Culture so I am looking forward to see her in this one year. She is an exchange student, studying in NUS for a year.

Unexpectedly, another friend from Spain is my neighbour! I’d seen her once during supper with RAG dancers but I didn’t know that she’s staying next to me till BBQ night. Her name is Leire but it is pronounced differently. She loves dancing and it’s great that she knows pole dancing.

I met another student from China. This is the first time she’s staying in Block 7, and she had a lot of stuffs to move in so I decided to lend my helping hand. Her name is Shijia and she was part of the debating team too! I am looking forward to join debating team in my university life!

I met a lot of exchange students too like Charis (Whether I spelled it correct or not) from Canada, Joel from Indonesia, Sisi from China, and a lot more. There are seniors and freshies from Singapore too! We looked like a family and I hope that I can bond with them well in the future too.

A global village in Block 7. From Left: Malaysia, China, Spain, US (forgot haha), Canada, Japan.

PS: I looked a bit off (with only T-shirt and shorts). OOPS.


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