1st August 2016: When Phantom will no longer be Phantom

I WAS a phantom of the RAG dance opera during the first run of full dress rehearsal. And I thought that I was already safe, because the choreographer had assured that me, along with a few dancers will be the ‘phantoms’ on the stage.


There were only 4 days left to the actual show, and suddenly a thunderous breaking news was sent to my ears:

“There’s no more wearing masks during performance.”

Then the choreographer turned to me, and asked: “Rate from 1-10, how much do you against makeup?”

Because it was noisy at that time, and I just gestured “8”. The remaining 2 is JUST IN CASE when the worse comes to worst (and I wished that it didn’t happen). I don’t really rate something to an extreme extent, and 8 is considered high to me.

(In my mind: “Please, I don’t want to wear that exaggerated thing, but are you forcing me to wear it now?”)

She continued: “Okay. Because wearing mask will be VERY UGLY, and if you insisted in wearing the mask, you will be the only person wearing it. And you know, you will be very ‘outstanding’ on stage.”

(I thought the others are wearing it as well? Probably they sounded their objections?)

“……So do you mind wearing makeup?”

*insert BGM of thunder strikes here*

(OH F**K!!!! My mind is stirring into confusion now. Now the worse came to worst huh? Seriously I don’t want to put it on my face because……it is my fear, but what if I didn’t wear it, what would happen to the overall performance? I don’t want to be the burden of the group……


I gestured an “Okay” sign to her, the surroundings were full of noises and background music, so I can’t really give a verbal response. Honestly, I didn’t think too much at that time. Maybe they really don’t like wearing masks because firstly, it didn’t fit in with the theme, and it looked really awkward.

It’s about teamwork spirit right? If everyone is doing then I have to do it.

Byebye, da phantom. You are going to be the tribes as well, and you are definitely no longer safe.

I will accomplish something right before I wear makeup. For self-satisfaction.


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