4th August 2016: Henna~ (Full Dress Rehearsal #2 at UTown)

I thought we will be doing makeup today, because there will be another full dress rehearsal at UTown. Thank goodness it didn’t happen.

But after lunch, the choreographer told us that we will be getting henna drawn on our wrists before the rehearsal. Then I remembered that she bought a few tubes of Henna on the way to lunch at Bugis long long time ago.

I wasn’t paying attention on that until when Joelle told me that it will be part of our costumes.

I whatsapped her whether is everyone COMPULSORY have henna drawn on their wrists. Then she replied ‘yes why’. I was stunned for a while. Seriously, initially when she bought a few tubes of henna I thought that she will be having fun playing henna with other dancers who are interested.

I was a bit startled at first. It was not because of hating it. In fact, I haven’t put on a semi-permanent tattoo on my hands before, and I worried whether will I break the rules of scholars’ normal etiquette by attending upcoming lectures with a tattoo.(Henna is considered as a semi-permanent tattoo because it will only come off after a few weeks).

While everyone were waiting for their turns for putting on henna, I played with my phone, with fingers crossed, hoping that they will exclude me. Then suddenly the choreographer said “Anyone can help drawing henna on Shu Ching’s hand?”

Oh damn! Scattered hopes. Well, gonna face it sooner or later isn’t it?

Then Jamie helped me drawing the henna design. She did it simple, but nice. Thank you, buddy. You understand me well. I don’t like too complex henna tattoos on my hand since this is the first time I’m doing it 😀

(There’s a photo at my Instagram showing the henna drawn on my wrist. Check it out!)

Well I don’t really care anymore, because everyone is doing it.

Our rehearsal was scheduled in the afternoon. Without the shelter plus sunny day, the stage floor was scorching hot! It was worse with us being barefooted. (dancers from other halls/faculties were unaffected because they wore shoes during performance!!). Therefore we didn’t do well during the first rehearsal because of the hot floor. We ended up screaming when going off stage. However, the choreographer allowed us to wear slippers for second rehearsal, so we did better during the second full run.

I was exhausted…






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