10th September 2016: Overload

The last time when I updated my blog was weeks ago.

Actually, I still have a lot of blogposts left unfinished. I promise, they will be published soon! Just… I need more time. It’s not updated because of my hectic daily schedule.

For most of us (including myself), university life signifies an embarking of journey in self-discovering. Some of us will either pick up some new skills, or do something they are already expertised in. For me, I tried out new activities that I thought that I will not even sneak a peek at it , like dancing and singing. At the same time, I decided to hone my leadership skills by joining some the faculty clubs as committee, and take up some community service works as well. Indeed it’s fun and exciting, and I learnt something new everyday.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Standing on the realistic side, I am overloading myself with tons of activities. I sacrificed a lot of time on commitments, and there’s a possibility that my studies may be neglected. Even though I studied and revised my work everyday, personally I think that more time should be allocated for my studies instead of the commitments in the activities. This self-consciousness has been haunting me till now, because I had started to feel the pinch that I can’t cope with my studies if I didn’t put in more effort as compared to the others. I want to make a change. Previously I was just a person confined in my own world, but now I want to live my life at my fullest, without regrets.

Juggling between studies and activities is definitely my current challenge in university life. Time management will be an important task for me to survive (actually not only survive, but I hope to ace it as well). Probably it will come to a point where I need to choose the activities that I am passionate in, and let go some of the activities that I like, but unrealistic.



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