8th October 2016: NUSSU Videography workshop!!

After struggling for mid-terms, finally I can take a little break! (But piles of assignments were still left undone XD)

I participated NUSSU (NUS Students’ Union) VPC (Video and Photography Committee) Video editing workshop today, along with my friends. I learnt some basics on video-editing using Adobe Premier Pro, and techniques on how to make a lively video 😀 .

The speaker for today is Tan Han Wei, who is a NUS Alumni who is a pro in videography and post-productions. I kinda admire his videography skills though. He can combine the cuts of the video and edit it according to the rhythm of the song. You know, that can be time-consuming and tedious, when you want to match the motions plus the cuts from many video clips to match the audio.

Here’s what I got from today’s workshop, in short:

Pre-production checklist:

  1. Requirements and solutions

Purpose audience, message and results must be clear

  1. Target audience
  2. Proposal (script and storyboard)
  3. Recce

Double check the venue to see whether the lighting, power outlets, and the conditions are enough or not

  1. Equipment

Use what you have first

Rental of high-end camera: http://sg.camerarental.biz

  1. Budget
  2. Deadline

Production Tips:

  1. Refrain yourself from participating event activities
  2. Carry spare batteries and memory cards
  3. Hold the shot, don’t rush
  4. Try mobile shots
  5. Avoid shooting too many group pose (ask them go do some gestures to make the video livelier)
  6. Dress comfortably, but appropriately
  7. Get the ‘shot’ (Don’t be afraid to get wet and dirty)


Pre-event video Production Tips:

  1. Things will go wrong, be prepared! (Have a plan B just in case… and must be smart enough to analyse the situation)
  2. Be extremely patient
  3. Be attentive to details!
  4. Remember to take care of everyone in the team!



  1. Editing (The cuts)
  2. Visual Effects (VFX)
  3. Colour grading (The look)
  4. Sound designing (The audio)


Post-production Prerequisites

  1. Good computer/workstation
  2. Be prepared to spend on HDD (File size will be very big for the videos)


Post-production Pro Tips:

  1. Choose nice and suitable soundtracks
  2. Edit with soundtrack’s rhythm
  3. Get soundtracks from Audiojungle (royalty-free)
  4. Keep it short and interesting if possible
  5. Be very organized



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