October 11 2016: Unexpected Obedience

I had a consultation with my English prof for my problem solution essay. After clarifying with her all the problems that she stated in my first draft, she said that I need to improve more on cohesion of the ideas and more details on supporting the main points of the essay because the explanation of the ideas to the reader is vague and unclear. She gave me some tips on how to make the readers understand my essay by consciously thinking while writing and read more newspapers and magazines.

After that, I spent some time in Instagram, and coincidentally I bumped into Tomato-san’s account. She posted a photo of ice cream, and added a hashtag icecream. Then I remembered that I commented in her previous post 16 weeks ago on a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream photo.


Translation: (Again not accurate because I have 0 knowledge in their language)

Here’s the ice cream shop that I loved it since 5 years ago. 

Even though I can choose 3 flavours, but I have difficulties in choosing my favourite ones 😥

At that time, I didn’t know that ‘ice’ means ice cream in Japanese contexts, and they have different wording for cube ices. Hence I decided to comment on her post stating that this is ‘ICE CREAM’ instead of ice (I tend to pull pranks on her though XD). So unexpectedly, she included it in her captions O.O

Thank you, and sorry Tomato-san. It’s meant to be fun though, not intended to criticise you or something, but you took it seriously.


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