Anime Review #2: Qualidea Code


Recently I just watched another anime series for this Summer 2016, which is called Qualidea Code. For the first impression, it attracted me in the sense of its character designs and its opening/ending song.

Qualidea Code (クオリデイアコード) is adapted from the light novel Project Qualidea, a collaboration between known light novel authors Sagara Sou, the manga artist of “Hentai Ouji to Waranai Neko”, Tachibana Koushi, famed from the series “Date a Live” and Wataru Watari, author of the recent booming novel series “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigaitteiru”. but we can still watch and understand the whole anime series without prior knowledge of what’s going on in the novel. The animation was done by A-1 Pictures, and most of the seiyuus and main staffs are quite…

Action and supernatural animes are now very common, including this one, but what makes it unique is the story plot, and with the three famous original creators, the anime series will not be too bad at a first glance.

NOTE: May contain spoilers, please proceed at your own risk.


(Tenkawa Maihime and Hotaru Rindou are my favourite characters 😀 )


The story is about a bunch of kids, who were awaken after the invasion of “unknown”, the enemy of “humanity”. They were granted with supernatural powers known as the “world”. Their adventure begins when they utilised their “world” to protect their country from further invasion of unknowns.

Now, I will start my review with the cons:

  1. Honestly, the animation quality is very very bad. I can bear with rare circumstances when the team have difficulties in drawing objects in details, but starting from episode 5, everything seems to be wrong. The main characters’ facial appearance looks deformed. The battle scenes are unsatisfactory with a lot of static scenes with mere narrations. Come on, A-1 Pictures, you should be paying attention on these important things, at least please take note of Maihime and Asuha’s face. I can’t understand what’s really going on because of the badly drawn anime. The overall rating in and for this anime is very low because of this.
  2. The story is kinda boring at the beginning of the series until the end of episode 4.

And the pros:

  1. Songs and OSTs are superb!! One of the reason I like this series because of its opening and ending song. Featuring LiSA, GARNiDELiA, and ClariS (OMG my favourites), plus the epic animations of the opening and ending, I was kinda addicted to them. I bet A-1 Pictures spent their budget on its openings and endings huh?
  2. The huge plot twist made the story interesting. The kids finally realised that the world that they see is not “true”, and the true purposes of “unknown” is finally revealed. As expected from the three original creators.
  3. The interaction between the characters are quite interesting. There is a mutual relationship between the heads and sub-heads of a prefecture, and this anime has successfully depicted the “funny side” of each main characters, which made the story plot even more appealing.

Is it recommended to watch this anime? If you are pesky in the quality of the animation, I’ll suggest to stick to its opening and ending first, then wait for its BD release, because watching the anime series will really gives you eyesore. In overall, the series is not bad.


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