27th October 2016: Halloween Celebration

Isn’t Halloween Day is on 31st October? LOL.

Okay back to the topic.

There was a halloween event ongoing in Raffles Hall today. A few days before this, all the block committees (and even residents) had channeled in their effort to decorate their blocks to make it ‘spooky’. In my block they purposely made one of the lifts scary with fake blood and hanged dolls.


‘Trick or Treat’ is very common throughout the night. Block events were organised everywhere, and tonight is the real deal- where residents dressed up in unique costumes to win prizes.

My ‘duty’ on that night was a performer. I performed for choir and dancing which is hip-hop (my ultimate weakness till today hahaha). And makeup is an obligation for me as a dancer which I couldn’t run away from.

Dancers were supposed to report on 6:30pm at dance studio for doing makeup. I planned to delay the reporting time by telling the dance captain that I have lessons till 7pm. I want to run away from it, because I’m still not used to it (imagine the painful makeup removing session before going to bed), even though I conquered my fear. It’s not a lie though, because I was supposed to consult a professor every Thursday from 5:30pm till 6:30pm on a module that I’m taking (it’s not compulsory).

Sometimes the game of fate can pull pranks on you. And so so so coincidentally, the professor that I was supposed to see him today is not there! Then I checked my email only to know that he had changed the consultation time to Friday for this week. Imagine the ‘WTF’ expressions that you got when your plans shattered. It’s like the fate is telling me ‘just accept the reality LOL’.

In the end, I went back to RH at around 6pm, and killed the time with my friend in his room to finish assignments HAHAHA.

I brought PSVita instead of laptop to the dance studio (I can’t afford to carry the heavy thing everywhere), and as usual, to show that I’m ‘busy’, I sat with my friends, chit-chatting while playing Project Diva X to divert my attention. In the end, the game progress was aborted, because the other dancers (with sharp eyes) noticed me that I still haven’t put on makeup, and they started to cake on everything on my face, and I can’t do anything since I need to close my eyes all the time. ^^lll And actually I was caked on twice, because a senior dancer noticed that my makeup was not sufficient (not thick enough) for performance.

Well, I’d fulfilled my obligations. Honestly, it’s not too bad this time, just I looked a bit different haha. (Photos are in the Instagram widget) A huge thanks to those who helped out in helping me putting on makeup 😀

The event started at 8:30pm (half an hour late than scheduled). There are some people, dressed up in Halloween-themed costumes such as the ghouls, the wizard and many more. My friends didn’t noticed me until I approached them. Some of them was like ‘OMG! You looked so different, I can’t recognise you??’ Another friend of mine (who lent me his PSVita) cosplayed a murdered person thirst for revenge and he kept pointing his fingers me, don’t know why. The performances which I was involved in it was at the beginning and at the end of the event, so I can’t take a break  and need to standby at backstage all the time LOL.


Halfway while changing the costumes to prepare for hip-hop dance, the dance captain suddenly approached me. She told me that I’d improved a lot since the beginning when I joined the first dance lessons and encouraged me to keep going. I was stunned because she said this……randomly? I know she was meant to encourage me, but the timing was kinda……incorrect? I don’t know. I just replied her vaguely with ‘Thanks’ o.O

In overall, the cultural performances were awesome! A few persons with hidden singing and dancing talents were finally exposed tonight huh? 😀 Well done RH Rhythms, Rhockerfellas, Unplugged, and Dance!!

Till now, I didn’t regret that I joined hip-hop. Even though the training sessions were extremely tough for me as a beginner with no dance background (please RAG dance is not counted), I actually enjoyed the training sessions, as I learnt something new from every training sessions.  Despite the fact I was way behind everyone else, I enjoyed doing it.

By the way, we were very exhausted after the dance. I slept at 12am, but woke up at 9:30am the next morning, where I will be having lessons at 10am.





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