Daily Prompt: Hyperbole

Hyperbole huh?

According to Google, Hyperbole is defined as an ‘exaggerated remark’.

……Such a booooring introduction.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic.

Today’s quiz on IT1005 is a hyperbole!!! Maybe it’s just me. Because I think that our beloved professor thought that we are a pro in predicting answers without using MATLAB, like computing the answers in our head pre-programmed with MATLAB systems (which is literally impossible).

Furthermore, there are only two weeks before finals!! Time really acts like a hyperbole huh? With a blink of the eyes, it has drawn to the end of Semester 1 in NUS. I need to pull myself through all this! And there are shitloads of IT1005 and ES1103 assignments plus GER1000 poster presentations next week like hell. It’s a hyperbole starting from next week onwards.

Another hyperbole for today is GEQ!!! Just received an email today stating that we will be pioneer batch of the new module GEQ1000-Asking Questions.Urghh, another compulsory module needs to be taken next semester.

Perhaps this is the university life in Singapore?

SPM and STPM students are having exams soon! Wish you guys best of luck, I bet you have already struggled and prepared till this point. A final push and you can relax for the whole December! Have faith in yourself and be calm throughout the exam (a calm and concentrated mind is essential). Take good care of your health and avoid burning midnight oil in these crucial times.

November the hyperbolic month. HAHAHA.

I will be an active blogger again in this December. I will be sharing my life in NUS, and tips in applying NUS/NTU and Malaysian Unis, anime reviews, and reviews on the modules taken in this semester (for those who are interested).


GER1000-Quantitative Reasoning

IT1005-Programming with MATLAB

ES1103- English for Academic Purposes

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