Daily Prompt: Relax

It’s been a long time from blogging already isn’t it?

Finally it’s time for me to relax!! 😀

I remembered right after finals, tons of CCAs and events come after right immediately and I don’t have time to relax. From community service to organizing event, even though I’m tired, but I gained a lot of experience from it! Maybe I need to take part in meaningful activities in the future, regardless whether it will give my resume a boost or not.


Today is 19th December and it’s drawing to the end of the day. Tomorrow is 20th December. A significant day for all NUS students.

Yes, it’s the judgement day when all the NUS students will receive their results this semester. I think NUS website will be crammed with all the incoming requests haha. And my whatsapp groups will be flooded with chats and comments.

I was so relaxing, enjoying my moment until tonight, when my feelings are filled with anxiety, horror, and worry.

Results are actually a proof of a student’s effort channeled in their studies. Some will be overjoyed. Some will be crying and regretting that they should be working harder in their studies. Some don’t give a shit on their results.

It’s an unknown for me. I felt like I barged through my way forcefully for almost every paper. It’s like there’s no way to proceed, but I still forcefully break the wall and attempt to go on. I knew there should be other route or alternatives, but my brain stopped working at that moment when panic strike in.

Just praying to the bell curve god, and tomorrow I think I will write a whole long post on reflections of my mistakes made in this semester haha. 😦


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