Daily Prompt: Mope

Initially I wanted to rant my anger, until I came across this word: Mope.

I proceed to google this term and this word means ‘dejected’.

What a coincidence! I was really dejected and furious today. Hence I just use this daily prompt to release my anger, because if I don’t do so, I will be like a bomb which will explode anytime.


It’s the 2nd last day of year 2016. 4 hours before the day came to the end, I received this email. When I read this email, I was really speechless.

Okay here’s what happened today:

Yesterday I bid for a module called ‘Critical Thinking and Writing’.  It’s a compulsory module for Engineering Students and everyone should be expected to clear it by the end of year 1. Because I got a band 2 in QET, hence I need to take an extra module called ‘English for Academic Purposes’ before I can proceed to take this module. Because of the delayed study plan, Chemical Engineering cohort has decided not to give us a helping hand, hence we need to bid for the module.

But the problem comes after this. There was only 1 vacancy left for every 38 sectional teaching tutorial slots available. This is ridiculous. There are 200+ Engineering students took ES1103 in semester 1, how is this going to work!? Discovering this error, I decided to email the office to see what can they do to accommodate us. However this time, the person-in-charge decided to treat my email oblivious, like it never appeared in their inbox before. I also emailed the Pharmacy Department regarding my application to do a minor in Pharmaceutical Science and what I got is just like sticking my face to the cold butt.

My friend decided to all in their points just to get that 1 vacancy. Personally I don’t think all-in my points just for a writing module is worth the points, because I rather keep the points for bidding technical electives in the future.

In the end, my friend was wiser, and she successfully get the module while I didn’t. Well I am not really disappointed on failing to get the module. What makes me dejected is the effectiveness of the person-in-charge giving replies has gone nowhere at this crucial period. Why don’t you reply my email? Can’t you just give me a proper reply, disregarding whether it sounds positive or negative?! 😦

Now I can’t bid farewell to 2016 with peace.

PS: Sorry if this post sounded negative, I am just ranting.

via Daily Prompt: Mope


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