2016: A year with colourful mix

Finally, 2016 is drawing to an end! I will do a quick monthly review in this year, with a mixture of feelings, because it’s filled with a lot of unexpected events!


I started to work at a computer shop in Melaka. I wanted to work there is because I am interested to know the jobscopes of a computer technician. However, the supervisor is kinda…moody, I would say. He would just yell at people when things screwed up, despite the fact that I was a newbie and no prior working experience. There’s a moment he said ‘you can just work till the end of this month’, and when he put up the job recruit notice, I was disheartened that I would be sacked after this month. Furthermore he will ask some really stupid question like ‘do you have a boyfriend?’ ‘You screwed up your SPM results right?’ It was not a pleasant working experience, I would say.

Finally I knew that money earned through working part time is not easy! As a worker, I need to control my emotions and temper, just for the sake of salary. And I also learnt how to deal with different customers.


The first unexpected event happened. Despite my effort, I screwed up third term STPM Chemistry very badly. Chemistry is my favourite subject, and it’s the only subject that I have confidence to score an A. However things turned out otherwise. It was a huge hit. But I was overconfident of myself at that time which concluded in this way. I was pathetic.

The another problem is negotiating with the supervisor about the working time. Despite how my father explained that I need to study for repeats, the stern supervisor still insisted with ‘either stay or leave’. Hence my first part time job ended abruptly.

I cried in front of my Chemistry teacher who kept patting on my shoulders, telling me ‘it’s not the end’ when I submitted the retake form. It was really irony for me because I vowed not to repeat any paper in STPM.

Unexpected things may happen sometimes and it’s up to us whether to lament at it or accepting it and move on. And I learnt a very hard lesson on not to be overconfident to myself.


I had the first overseas travel in this year at Beijing, China! Luckily it’s right after my repeat papers though. Overall it’s still a very pleasant trip.


Here comes the second unexpected event. I found my second part time job! Actually I requested for this job before I went for the first part time job. But I thought I failed to get it when there’s no further contacts. But then a day before repeats, one of the coworkers called me and asked when can I work. I was overjoyed!

I started working at an further education consulting centre called ‘AUG’. The environment is more towards office-like, and the supervisor is kinda nice too.

Then the event happened in February is a blessing in disguise then? XD


I juggled between work life and browsing through online websites to apply to overseas universities. As usual, I started to take note of the scholarships available and decided to spam my application over it. Except for MEXT scholarship, the other scholarship organizations rejected my application. After pondering a lot of universities, I applied to NUS and NTU.

This is the moment I decided to make blogging as part of my routine! I used some free time in the office to write blog posts actually.

The third unexpected event happened: Finally I got CGPA 4.00 in STPM, after repeating the paper. I was really happy, and this day coincides with my niece’s 21st birthday. It’s like a blessing from my niece isn’t it? 😀 I can say goodbye to my STPM school years, without a regret.


And a few days after, I received an email from NTU, saying that I am accepted into their university as a Computer Engineering student. My emotions was like mixed with happiness and disappointment. Because Computer Engineering is my last choice, but I was considered lucky because I was given chance to study in Singapore.

I travel back and forth to KL at the end of April. It’s because there was scholarship interview from NTU, and soon after, open day at UM and my niece’s postponed birthday party. And actually this was the first time I screwed up in taking LRT trains.




This month I started busily by travelling around Malaysia for attending interviews for admission into public universities in Malaysia. From KL to Penang.

I got rejected for NTU scholarships. However few days after, I received an email from NUS stating that I was accepted into their university as a Chemical Engineering student. Another blessing in disguise?

I screwed up my interview for USM Architecture. The interviewers humiliate me with my outfit, and how nerdy I was.

And soon after, the fourth unexpected event happened: I was near dead, and got hospitalized, just to find out that I got infected with chicken pox. Actually I caught high fever before this, but I just ignored it, because I thought that it’s like normal fever and I will recover soon. All my work and scheduled plan came to a halt because of my illness.


I started to reflect on my life. What have I done actually in the past 20 years of my life? What if something bad like this happens to me again? If life is this unexpected and short, I need to do something so that I won’t be regret in my life right?

In between the period when I was quarantined at home, I received emails on NUS scholarship interview and UM Architecture interview. In the end I attempted to defer to a later date, but only NUS understand my situation and rescheduled my interview date to the end of May.



I went back to work, and on the same day, I received an email from NUS that I got the scholarship. I was really happy, and seems like the destiny had made me to choose this path: to embark on a journey in NUS.


I started to read their guidelines on how to apply students’ pass and ways to apply accommodation etc. I decided to try something new, which I vowed not doing so since primary school: dancing.

I joined one of the orientation camps organised by Chemical Engineering Students’ Society. I got to know a lot of my coursemates and seniors through this camp. I made my first Singaporean friend, Ying Jie in this camp.


Out of my impulsive decision (yes till now I admit it’s very impulsive), I joined RAG. Furthermore as a dancer. (Facepalm) I should start off with floaters at least while thinking back haha. But without this impulsive decision, things may turned out differently in the following few months. I may not get to know friends from halls, may not overcome my fear, and may not spending my time wisely.

I joined MSL’s orientation camp too. Malaysian seniors are pretty nice, and they gave me a lot of advice which I appreciated it so much.

Right after MSL event is Raffles Hall Orientation Camp. I didn’t want to join at the first place, but they make it compulsory so I had no choice huh?

I met a lot of foreign exchange students staying in block 7 (the block I’m staying now). Block 7 looked like a mini global village haha.



I faced my fear head-on. Yes, after 10 years, 4 months and 20 days, record broken. And actually I am not phobic of it, it’s a psychological fear, to be precise. In the end I just swore off with 50ml of makeup remover and 10 cotton pads.


I went for a lot of interviews and auditions for NUS CCAs. Unfortunately, I was not chosen into any of them except for clubs and societies. Initially I thought ‘That’s the end huh?’, but the sixth unexpected event happened: I was selected to be part of RHDance!!

At the beginning I wasn’t interested to join dance club in RH when I heard there’s 80+ people went for auditions, but they only wanted to recruit 30 new members. Furthermore my hope sank when my RAG dance choreographer was not chosen. In the end I just signed up with an intention of just accompanying my neighbour aka my Spanish friend for audition. Of course, I screwed up the audition, while I was hoping them to text me the rejection mail, the next day I woke up to find out that I was in their Whatsapp Group.

September, October:

I started to struggle on juggling between CCAs and studies. Studies is my top priority, but my actions didn’t say so. In the end, I screwed up my mid terms.

My journey in RHDance wasn’t a smooth one. I was frustrated on the fact that I was way behind others. It was like taking on a rocky way. But despite the challenges and difficulties, I managed to pull through it, and performed during Halloween Night.


November, December:

I had the first finals in NUS. It’s definitely not a smooth one, despite my efforts. And right after finals there’s a lot of events like Project Campvision and YEC Camp which I was part of it.


And I managed to complete my final mission is 2016: Deliver cloth to my aunt in Tampines! 🙂

In a nutshell, 2016 wasn’t too bad, after all. I grew up a lot in this year, and I am grateful to people around me in this year, and thankful to every event that happened to me, because there’s a message behind every unexpected events.


Farewell, 2016. Welcome, 2017. Happy New Year 2017!! I sincerely hope that 2017 will be a better year.

PS: This is the 100th post in WordPress XD




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