Applying to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Hey!! Here comes the guide on applying to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, or NTU in short!

Okay I will just be very straightforward here. I am not going to introduce how NTU is so good etc, all these stuffs you can google it yourself. 🙂


  1. I will be using STPM results as an example. For A-levels, or other Pre-U qualification, this guide will help too, there’s not much difference on procedures of applying (I think).
  2. This is only applicable for Malaysian students (Sorry, for other countries, they have a different method of applying)
  3. This is solely based on my experience, and this is accurate as in year 2016.
  4. I am currently a NUS student, but I applied to NTU too before I decided to study in NUS. So this post is not biased against NUS, I am just here to help 🙂 And I will write a more-detailed post on applying to NUS and what should you do after accepting offer from NUS.

Before you apply, have a clear mind on what course do you plan to study. You can go to their website to check in details, on the overseas exchange opportunities, future career pathway, and curriculum structure.

Make sure that at least you meet their minimum requirements to apply.

There are a few things people will be confused here:

Why my results so good (showing a string of As) but still cannot get into NTU??

LOL, this always happens every year, you may have good results but this doesn’t guarantee you a place in NTU. There are TONS of cases where applicants are accepted by more reputable universities like Harvard, Oxford but got rejected by NTU. So don’t feel disheartened!

Should I email the documents or mail the physical copy of my results?

Just follow the prompt. They have a website for you to scan and upload your documents. In the end you will still need physical verification of your submitted documents.

What CCAs/Extra achievements should I put in? Is not participating International Olympiad Competitions will not be given advantage?

Yes, it’s true that if you took part in Olympiad competitions, you stand a really higher chance to get in. But do not panic! You still stand a chance to get in. Just put CCAs that you think is significant and outstanding to your application as compared to the other applicants.

Here are some screenshots of how the online application looks like:


Just fill in as prompted.


For address, just put your residential address in Malaysia.


Here comes the important part. Make sure you rank your choices wisely. You have 5 slots to fill in but it’s not compulsory to fill in all of them. And take note of the fine print too.


Just filled in as prompted.


For the additional education information, you can indicate in the blank spaces below if you need any addition remark. For example, STPM students might need retakes and may receive results later than application due date or something like that.


Er Hmm!! Here comes the part to boast off  describe your CCA achievements. Can you see the word limit? So just keep it simple and sweet 🙂


For financial status, I think 99% will choose the second option.

For English Literacy, if you have taken IELTS/TOEFL/SAT you can indicate your results here.


Just fill in as prompted…


And VOILA!! Here’s the end of the application!! Make sure you set a password that’s easy to remember because you need it (along with the application number that will be sent to you through your email) later on for submission of documents and applying scholarships.

Note: Scholarship applications is separated from the normal application. You need to submit a less than 1000 character essay for your application. The essay title varies each year, but for my year is ‘Describe an event that changes your life’.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment below!!



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