16th January 2017: Sugar Song to Bitter Step

Sugar Song to Bitter Step is an ending song title for anime “Kekkai Sensen”, but I found it pretty and coincidentally relevant to the events and my first legit dance practice today.

Today is the beginning of the 2nd week of semester 2 in university, because of certain modules has some background knowledge during form six, hence it’s still pretty manageable for me.

And I had my first Critical Thinking and Writing lesson with a Caucasian! His lessons is pretty interesting and I hope that this module isn’t too heavy like hell, because he has experiences in teaching this module too.

Furthermore I pretty defrost my frozen physical chemistry knowledge during form six during the physical chemistry discussion lecture. The discussion session were full of tricky quizzes that really tricked me to choose wrong answers. Well, at least I’d learnt something from my mistakes though.

Since Halloween performance last year, I didn’t undergo any dance practice since then. I had to skip dance camp due to another volunteering program that I participated in. I even have to ditch upcoming dinner performance because of Inter-Hall Games. The only upcoming performance for me is only Dance Uncensored which is at the end of March.

That means, my level……is resetted.

Tonight 10pm the dance practice started off with physical training. OMG. It sapped off all my energy and strength at once. My legs was crumbled and I kept trembling like shit before the choreographer started teaching moves. I can’t control my movements and I was like an octopus OOPS. I had hard time walking back too. The song is nice, the choreos are sweet too just like “Sugar Song”, but the practice was like “Bitter Step” LOL.

Furthermore they appointed me and another two year 1 dance mates to be in charge of miscellaneous stuffs like taking attendance, uploading videos, sourcing for costumes (OMFG) etc. I was like “WTF” because I have a lot of things to do already, yet you guys are adding further work to me??!!

And know what, a year 4 senior was pretending to be a year 1 student while doing self introduction. I really wanted to ask her “How was GER1000?” to expose her real identity lolz, because only students from cohort 2015/16 onwards are required to take GER1000 as part of the curriculum.

I was really exhausted yet this is just the first training. I wonder whether I can survive for the following practices because the choreographer told us that we will be undergoing physical training in every practices (OMG).


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