27th March 2017: Dance Uncensored 2017 Part 0- The Prelude

1 day before the showday.

Right now, there’s mixed feelings of excitedness, confusion and nervousness in my mind.

What I feel excited is we are going to perform on stage. A legit and real performance! What makes me confused is some steps that are still a bit vague and too hard to execute if I go full out. And what makes me nervous is questions that rambled through my mind like “will everyone like our dance choreos?” “Will I screw up?” etc.

Time really flies huh? In January I’ve posted my first Dance Uncensored practice post and grumbled how exhausted I am after the training but a few more hours later, I will be standing on stage, performing in front of the public.

But before this, I had experienced tons of FML moment.

Quizzes. Assignments deadline. GET1008 Speech all came to me at once.

I just wonder how did I handle all of them? Did I handle them well? I don’t know and gradebook will tell me the answer later.

And one more extremely funny thing during GET1008 tutorial. I was supposed to prepare for the persuasive speech on that day, but so “lucky” that I left the hardcopy of the preparation outline at my room. Then I rushed to computer room to print it out, but my laptop misbehaved and refused to connect to the printer. Thankfully there’s an Indian guy who helped me out in printing the document.

Right after the tutorial there’s dance practice till 12am as usual. I try my best to execute the steps that I’ve learnt throughout these three months so that my effort won’t be wasted for the next few days. I should rest well in order to store energy for tomorrow.


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