Anime Review #4: Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry

"Some people think that life is unfair, because they said what you were given at first will decide where you will end up. The gifted and the ungifted. It's certainly an absolute hierarchy that is decided the moment you are born. Those who are not gifted cannot beat the one who are gifted. They also … Continue reading Anime Review #4: Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry


Ironically, the sun shines brightly.

  やっと見つけた 新しい朝は We've finally found the new dawn, 月日が邪魔をする But time hinders us. 向かう先は 「次」じゃなくて It's not the future that we turned towards; 「過」ばかり追いかけた all we pursued is the past. 鳴り止まない 容赦ない思い出たちは These relentless memories won't stop ringing; 許してくれそうにもない they don't seem to forgive me. そろそろかな 手探り Isn't it about time? I feel my way through. 疲れた頬を 葛藤がこぼれ落ちる Tears … Continue reading Ironically, the sun shines brightly.