Ironically, the sun shines brightly.


やっと見つけた 新しい朝は
We’ve finally found the new dawn,
But time hinders us.
向かう先は 「次」じゃなくて
It’s not the future that we turned towards;
all we pursued is the past.

鳴り止まない 容赦ない思い出たちは
These relentless memories won’t stop ringing;
they don’t seem to forgive me.
そろそろかな 手探り
Isn’t it about time? I feel my way through.
疲れた頬を 葛藤がこぼれ落ちる
Tears of conflict brim and roll down my tired cheeks.

雨は いつか止むのでしょうか
I wonder when will the rain stop?
ずいぶん長い間 冷たい
It’s been so cold for a long time.
雨は どうして僕を選ぶの
Why does the rain choose to fall on me?
包まれて いいかな
Should I lose myself in it?

雨は やむことを知らずに
The rain does not stop;
it continues to fall as always.
そっと 差し出した傘の中で
While that, in this umbrella gently held out to me,
温もりに 寄り添いながら
I snuggle towards the warm

These are the lyrics of “Rain” by SID, the 5th opening of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

I thought with hardwork and effort, things may turn out right. Unfortunately, my calculations are wrong. Effort isn’t propotional to results. There are some other factors that may affect results too. Maybe in short, the equation of defeating, or standing at the right side of bell curve is:

Power to defeat bell curve= (intelligence*attitude) + luck/hardwork

Maybe it’s time for me to start from scratch again.


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